Gagamot? A painful memory plays through my head but I've learnt ot laugh at it. I burst out laughing and everyone turns to me looking a little annoyed. "I'm sorry but that's what..." I shut my mouth quickly and look down at the floor. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut!

"That's what what?" Joe asks looking cofused. "What's what what?"I say looking innocent. "What?" Henry says trying to work it out. I smile a little, guess he's still not all together. "Dawn, you said that's what..and then you stopped. What were you going to say?" Kira asks me.

I bite my lip and look at them all."I never said all that." I say and shrug. I hope this works, I hope they will believe this. They don't look convinced. "What were you going to say?" Willow asks me. I sigh, I'm going to have to tell them.

I shrug. And look out the window. I smile as I see Matt, he catches my eye. "What's happening?" Matt mouths to me through the window. I open my mouth to reply when the others see me looking at Matt.

Joe opens the window. "Mr Summers your are not allowed to be here!" Joe hisses at Matt. Matt laughs and smiles happily. He winks at me and I wink back. "Mr Summers?" Joe says,trying to keep calm but not doing too well. I'm struggling to keep from laughing.

"Hey Joe, just want to have a word with Dawn." He smiles and Joe looks like he's going to explode. "Matt. We are busy so go away." Henry says annoyed. Matt scowls at Henry. I shake my head. "Don't Matt. I'll talk to ya later yeah?" I say and go over to the window. I know everyone is getting pissed off at all this but at least it's making them forget about the Gagamot thing.

Matt smiles at me and leans forward, and I lean my head down. This is the only time that I lean down to kiss him. It's normally the other way around because he's taller then me. I lean down and he kisses me. I smile as I pull away.

I wink at him. "See ya around." I close the window and Matt shakes his head and walks off.  I turn around and smile at the others."I've been trying to get rid of him for years." Joe says shocked. I shrug and sit back down. "So, about the Gagmaot thing?"Henry asks as everyone sits down.

I scowl at him. "Yeah." Willow says. I sigh, knowing that I'll have to tell them about that guy I dreamed about ages ago, the one that killed so many, the one that had a black madellian. I sigh and look down at my wand. It's so beautiful, it's strange and unique. I smile, it's like me in that way.

"I'll say after Joe finishs saying his story." I say, everyone looks around at each other, waiting for Joes answer. He nods. "Okay, I'll tell you all first then Dawn will say about the Gagamot." Joe says, and I nod. "Fine." I mutter.

Maybe I could think of something else and tell them that? Maybe I should say that I thought the name was stupid? Which I do so that won't be a lie. I sigh and listen to what Joe says.

The End

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