Willow: DetermindMature

When I hear Henry got hurt I raced to where they were. And here I left everyone. I find him layed on bench. Kira sat next to him hand on his forehead while Maria and Indigo are standing at the side the guardians behind them.

"Sorry, I ran off" I say. Everyone looks at me confused. And I can tell why. My Bright blue eyes are slightly darker changing to my mood. "Will he be okay?" I gesture at Henry.

Kira looks down at him. "Yeah, Dawn healed his hands we're just waiting for him to wake up" Kira sighs. I nod.

"Do you mind if I go?" I ask.

Kira looks up and shakes her head. "Of course not" she says smiling. I nod then turn on my heels and leave.

This is just more saddening and I'm trying to get happier. I mean I don't want my eyes to go completely black with a shine of blue.

I take the corridors to my room and freeze when I step in. "What are you doing?" I ask shocked.

Alaric's laid out lazily on my bed. He looks up smiles then is standing in front of me. "I was waiting for you" He says simply. "I enjoyed our talk"

I blush. "I didn't. My home life is a sore subject" I say walking past him. I shrug off my bag and pull out the 'Charms and Summoning' book. I walk over and sit on my bed flipping it open to the symbols page.

I pull out my wand and flick it at the door which shuts and locks itself. Alaric walks over and sits down next to me.

"That symbol is useful. I created a love charm with it" he says. I look at him eyes wide. "Never used it" He ends with a smile.

He holds his palm out and clicks his finger a complicated stiched flower appearing in his hand. "Took a while not as simple as books make them" He says looking at it.

I feel myself blushing when he moves it towards me. "May I have a kiss?" He asks softly. I don't move and he takes the chance to slowly press his lips to mine in a short but sweet kiss.

I'm still shocked as he only pulls slightly away. "I better go other wise Joe will kill me" He stands up kisses my forehead then vanishes just as theres a knock on the door.

I get up and answer it in a daze. I..... just got kissed....... by a boy...... I JUST GOT KISSED BY A BOY!!!

And one that I like. I touch my lips and find myself bubbling with happiness. Then I remember the door. I quickly answer it to find Joe.... again. "We have another problem"

Its at the same moment Mayna decides to appear flying through the window and coming to land on my shoulder. "Whats the problem?"

The End

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