Dawn : UnderstandingMature

I follow Maria out into the dark gardens. I keep my head down thinking and thinking. Maybe he'sright. I am a brat. I rub my arm, seeing a bruise is there. I look down at it confused. How did that get there?

The last bruise I had was a black eye that my brother gave me not so long ago. I can't even remember what I did but I know he was pissed off at me. I remember every scratch, every bruise, every cut, that I have ever got. If I remember all that then why can I not remember this?

I stop when I realise that they others have to. "Dawn, can you help get Henry up?" Sam asks, I nod and help. We carry him out of the forest and lay him on a bench. I look down at his unconious body. He's lost his mother too,but he knew her. At least he has some happy memories. But of course, he is right. It's hard to remember that he can't go to his mother whenever he wants.

"Dawn? Hello?" I jump at Marias voice, hers and Sams faces questioning. I look back at Henry then go onto my knees. I hold his bloody hand and think. I think of his cuts being closed, and his blood gone from the outside of his skin.

Suddenly Henrys cuts heal and the blood is gone. I let go of his hand and get to my feet frowning. I turn and walk off. "Dawn! Dawn!" Sam calls out. I turn around. "When he wakes up, don't tell him it was me. And tell him. Tell him I'm sorry." I say, my tone of voice dead.

It'snot just because I'm tired or that using my special has taken a lot out of. It's because I don't like sorrys and I know he understands what it's like to be alone. To have lost so much, someone that is so close to you.

I walk past the libary and head towards the Cagamos house commen room. I open the door and go into my room. I just stand there thinking. I frown as I pick up the picture of my mother. I hold it tightly, letting silent tears escape.

They run down my face and fall onto my photo. I just look at it, letting the glass have a watery coating. A knock is at my door. I leave it, just standinglooking at my only picture of my mum. Someone knocks again, harder this time.

I tear my eyes away and open the door. I'm shocked to see Matt leading in the door frame. He's smiling but as soon as he sees my face it quickly vanishes. I let him in and closethe door behind him. I turn around and Matt Summers put his hands on either side of my face.

Afew more tears run down my face but I'm too numb inside to care. Matt wipes them away with his thumbs."What happend?" Matt asks, his voice gentle, his face close to mine. "Was it that curly blonde guy? 'Cause if he's done anything to you..." Matt says, his voice getting louder. "It's not Henry." I say, my voice small.

Matt looks down at me then realises my photo. He takes his hands off of my face and reaches for my photo.I let him take it. Matt looks at the picture confused. "This your mum?" I nod at his question. e looks up atmy face and pulls me into a hug. "I'm sorry." He mutters into my dark brown hair. I shrug, used to people telling me that.

Matt puts my photo back on the side table and hugs me again. I sit on my bed and he sits next to me, holding my hand. He lifts one up and kisses it. "It's going to be okay. I'll be here for you. Always." Matt mutters into my hand and kisses it again.

I let some more tears fall. Matt notices and kisses my cheek. I look down and he lifts up my chin to his face. I lead forward and close my eyes. His lips touch mine gently. I kiss him andhe kisses me back, slowly but still passionatly.

The End

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