Maria : New DiscoveriesMature

After Henry had stormed out of the room, quickly followed by Willow and Joe, the rest of us stood there looking awkwardly at each other. We were trying to think of a way to find Henry when Sam gasped.

"I have an idea," he said. He instructed me to sit on the ground, away from the purple potion stain, and think carefully. "Think of the grass and the trees," he said to me quietly. I tried, honing in my focus on thinking of the grass outside the school, the secret garden, the forest, the trees; pictures flashed before my closed eyes. "Now," whispered Sam, "can you feel the connection?" I nodded. "Okay, now think of Henry." 

Henry? I thought. Why should I be thinking of Henry? The second I'd thought his name a picture of him looking at Kira popped into my head, and then it was gone. When my "inner eyes" focused again I was zooming through grass. I felt like a beetle, running through someone's lawn. Sharp blades of green flew by my field of vision at lightning fast speeds. Soon I could see trees in the distance, and then I was in the trees, floating just milimeters above dried leaves. I started slowing down, not much at first and then I came to a grinding halt. I surveyed my surroundings. There wasn't anything special, nice trees. I was in the forest, I could tell: I could feel exactly where I was. I heard something, something like a whimper. I turned around and saw Henry, leaning against the bottom of a tree, fast asleep. I looked at him, making sure he was okay, but his knuckles were red, bruised and bloody.

Suddenly, the connection broke and I was thrown back into the room with everyone else. I gasped at the speed.

"Maria, are you alright?" I felt Sam's hand on my shoulder as I gasped for breath. Eventually, I was able to calm down.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I know where Henry is, but I need the healer to come with me." Everyone stared at Dawn and she looked at me uncomfortably. I looked up at Indigo. "I guess I could take a healing potion . . ." my voice trailed off awkwardly.

"No," said Kira. "Dawn will go." I looked at Dawn and she nodded slowly. How had Kira known that?

"Okay then, come on Dawn. Let's go," I got up, using Sam's shoulder for support, and walked out of the room with Dawn.

The End

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