Willow: ScaredMature

I felt frightened. I don't know whats happening. One minute Dawn's the bad one. Then she's the good one and Henry's in the wrong. Then there both good.

Well, Dawn has an attitude but that doesn't make her bad. I back away slowly. I find myself getting sad.

Here are two people without there mothers and I was always ungrateful of mine. Cause she didn't love me. Cause she mistreat me. Imagine what it would of been like if she wasn't there at all...... It would have been worse. Never mind if she mistreat me.11

I turn and walk out. "Willow" A voice calls after me. I think its Joe. "Willow!" I don't go back instead I take off at a run heading for somewhere.

I don't know. Anywhere. I end up in a gym. Perfect.

I walk to the changing rooms. There is clean kit in there luckily. I change into some then go out into the gym. I begin at a jog round the gym.

My breathings heavy but its helping. Feeling the pound of the floor beneath my quickly moving feet. Feeling the rush of the wind. Its nice.

I stop and lean forward against my knees. "You're quite good" I look up to see Alaric leant against the wall.

I didn't here him come in.... He must have teleported. "I enjoy sports. Gymnastics and Athletics mainly. I had a few lessons after school in Martial arts" I say sitting down.

He walks over and sits down next to me. "I grew up in magic never had the need to have lessons. Learnt with experience" He says smiling at me.

I blush... brightly and then look away. "I'm starting to find it hard to cope with" I whisper pulling my knees up to my chest.

Alaric looks across at me. "I don't get you" he mutters.

"What?" I say shocked looking at him confused.

"Well earlier I thought I did but now I see the other side of you I'm not sure. You're peppy but have a slight hint of hurt to you. That look in your eye that shows you've seen to much" He explains.

"Its probably cause I grew up watching my father beat my brother" I whisper. "My father never saw anything he did right"

"Did he beat you?" He asks lightly and I know I can choose not to answer.

"Yes" I whisper.

"Willow!" I look up to see Joe has step into the gym. 

"I better go" I stand up then call across to Joe. "Two secs I have to change!" I begin to walk off but feel a hand on my wrist. I look back at Alaric.

"People care about you now" He whispers then slowly lets go of my wrist. I'm confused but I head for the changing rooms.

The End

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