Henry does the storming out for once.Mature

"Once again, it's all about Dawn." I shouted at her. She's not the only one with a hard life. She's not the only one that's had a rough time. 

"Henry. Just stay out of it. You don't know what your talking about." Kira said to me, quietly. I was getting sick of this. Dawn pulls a tantrum and because I'm the only one that see's through it, I get the blame.

"No. I won't stay out of this Kira." Everyone looked at me, shocked. "This time I'm not. Indigo has just made an amazing potion, and Miss BRAT over there goes and spoils it." 

"It's okay, Henry. It's fine." Indigo started to say, but I put my hand up to her. Dawn was glaring at me, as if she was going to punch me again. 

"Go on Dawn. What is it? What is it that makes you so rude to everyone?" I stared at her. 

"Please, Henry. Drop it." Kira begged me. 

"No. It's okay Kira. If Henry wants to know, he can know." Dawn said. Her face was full of hatred. I stared at her, waiting. 

"If you want to know, Henry, I saw my mother. I saw the mother, I never met. The one who died giving birth to me. I saw the person who I was blamed for her death." A small tear ran down her cheek and she wiped it away quickly. Then to make up for sharing with us her emotions, she began to shout at me.

"I HATE you Henry. You think your better than me. You have to comment on everything I do! Why don't you just fuck of!"

Everyone was staring at me, like I was the villain. Like I was the one who had tipped out the potion. Like it was all my fault. No one would look me in the eye. I saw Kira look to the ground, like she was disappointed in me. I had had enough. 

"Well Dawn. Your not the only one, whose mother has died. At least you haven't known different, not having a mother is normal to you. I lived with mine, and when I thought everything was safe, she was cruelly snatched away. So no. I won't feel sorry for you Dawn. I lost my mother too, last year. I don't go round spilling potions. I don't go round being a bitch to everyone. You can not use that as an excuse." 

I could feel tears on there way, and I was NOT breaking down in front of her. I stormed out the room, and ran into the grounds. I ran so fast, wanting to run from everything. Everyone hated me. I had no friends. The only person who had ever loved me had gone. Running felt like I was breaking free. Breaking free of all the chains that had wrapped themselves around me. 

I ran into the forest, and rushed past the trees. The light was getting darker, and I knew it was late. I didn't care though. I didn't want to go back. When I was deep in the forest, I tripped over a branch. I landed on the floor, and lay there panting. Only then did I let my tears out. I punched the trees, till my fists were red, and bloody. 

I lay there for hours, and I soon fell asleep leaning on a tree trunk. 

The End

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