Dawn: Don't Like It.Mature

I haven't swallowed mine but it's so strong I don't need to. Pure happy thoughts and images running around in my mind. There's me and Matt kissing, me hugging my father and me with someone I've never met but I know who she is.

She swinging me around in her arms, smiling with all the family around. I spit it out quickly, not wanting to see any more of my mother. Tears are in my eyes but I refuse to cry!

The potion girl looks up at me sadly. "What was it?" Indio asks softly. I wipe my mouth. "It was a happy potion." I say, my voice a little louder then a whisper. The other seem to be coming out of their happy thoughts, all of them looking at me with questioning faces.

"What?" I say annoyed.They shake their heads and start talking to the new girls. "You okay?" Kira asks softly. "Fine!" I snap at her. It's not because I don't like her or nothing, 'cause I do, it's just that image keeps replaying in my head. I don't like it. I don't like it at all! It's bring toomuch pain, knowing that I'll never be with my mother.

"What's wrong with you? All she was doing was asking if you were okay. You didn't have to bite her head off!" Henry says outraised. I scowl at him but he keeps going. "Just because you probably didn't see anything! What's the thing that people say? Evil knows no happieness?" Henrys face is getting red and my fists are balled.

Tears are in my eyes again. "How dare you! You know nothing about me and what I've been through! Just because you're annoyed that the image of you with your tongue down Kiras throat are gone doesn't mean you should take it out on me!" I yell at him. He goes white and Kira blushes.

Oh so I was right. Talk about a lucky quess. "You say one more thing against me and I swear to god I'll choke you with your madellion!" I spit. "Hey! Will you two stop it! Why do you have to be at eachothers throats all the time?" Kira yells, making everyone turn to her.

"He start.." I start but she glares at me. "I don't care who started it! You two sort it out!" Kira says calmly after a few deep breaths. I growl and push the table with the potions on it over. The carpet gets ruined quickly, a big purple stain is on it smoking. Everyone gasps at looks at me.

Okay, I have anger problems I admit it. "Dawn!" Sookie shrieks, her eyes wide. "What? Do you prefer me to hit someone instead?" I yell. Kira rubs her temples. "Dawn. What did you see when you drank the potion?" Her voice is tired. I open my mouth but nothing comes out, I'm too shocked at her question. How does she know that my anger has to do with the potion?

The End

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