Henry gets a taste of HappinessMature

We all walked into the room, in the library. I couldn't get the picture of Dawn kissing Matt out of my head, and looking at her face neither could she. When she caught me looking at her, she lifted her finger at me again. I scowled. 

If I was being honest, I was feeling kind of jealous. Not because I wanted to kiss Dawn. Ew, no. No, I was jealous that we'd been here two days, and straight away Dawn had managed to pull the boy she wanted, where as all I had managed to do, was push Kira away.

I sat down on the window sill, hoping Kira would sit next to me, but instead she sat on the other side of the room. Willow perched her self down next to me, and Dawn sat with Kira. The other two stood near the door looking kind of awkward.

"Hey, your one of us now. Don't look so scared." I said to them, smiling.

"Well, you try being zapped from your house, and then being told your magic and powerful." Indigo said back to me.

"Erm, I don't know if you noticed, but I did." I said. God what was it with everyone. Was it 'all hate Henry' day.  

"Henry, quit it. I don't think you need to argue with another person." Kira said to me, sighing. I looked at her, and was about to argue, but then changed me mind.

"Your right. I'm sorry Indigo, it's just we are all going through what your going through." She just nodded her head.

"I know, its just... I'm still in shock at the moment I suppose." She smiled at me. 

"Right. Operation, 'find power' is in motion." Sam said. 

"What happens if we don't have a power?" Maria asked. Delilah laughed, kindly. 

"Don't worry. You do have one, otherwise you wouldn't have got a medallion." 

Then Dillon took over. I was starting to think her was kind of the one in charge out of the guardians. Just like Kira was with us in fact. 

"Now both of you. Wave your wand." 

Maria and Indigo looked at each other. They both stepped forward, and held there wands in the air. Indigo looked kind of embarrassed. 

"Don't be scared. Something will happen. You are magic." Delilah reassured them. 

Then they waved there wand arms. 

Maria's wand shot out a yellow light, that it nearly blinded me. Just as soon as it came, it went and then slowly I saw green shoots slowly creep from the corners of the room. Then buds began to bloom, and in no time at all, the far wall was covered in vines and flowers. It was beautiful. 

Then I looked to see what Indigo's wand had done, and I saw the look of disappointment on her face. All that had happened, was a small faint purple smoke hover around her for a couple of seconds. She threw her wand to the floor. 

"See! I told you I wasn't magic." She looked ready to cry, and I felt sorry for her. Everyone was looking at each other, confused. I saw Dawn glance at me, and we shared a mutual thought. She wasn't one of the six. The guardians had got it wrong. Then I remembered I hated Dawn and looked away. 

"She didn't do anything." Willow whispered to me. I nodded my head, as Kira got up and went to hug Indigo. I felt really awkward, and I didn't know what to say. 

"Wait." Coral said. "If Maria is plants - which she obviously is by looking at that wall - then that means only potions is left." She flicked her wand, and a small, black cauldron appeared in front of Indigo, along with a bunch of different ingredients. 

"Try it, Indigo. Make something." Kira said to her, as she sat back down. Indigo looked at us all, and then began to start throwing different things into the cauldron. At first it was like she was just making it up, but then she got in the swing of things and she was actually quite amazing as she started to get lost in her own world. After about five minutes she stopped and looked up at us. 

"Finished." she said rather nervously. Coral walked over and put a vile into the pot and scooped up what looked like a dark purple mixture. She lifted it to her eye, and then slowly put it to her lips. 

"Wow." Was all she said. Dillon walked over, and tried some too, and then grinned like a baby. He didn't even say anything. Then all the other guardians tried some, and they two either said one word, like 'wow' or just stood there smiling. 

The rest of us glanced at each other, questioningly. 

"Should we...?" Dawn said staring at the cauldron. She walked over with Kira and me and Willow walked over. 

"What have I made?" Indigo said. She was obviously happy with the reaction to it. Maria tried some first, followed by Dawn and Kira, and then Willow. They all acted the same as the guardians. Then I had some. 

It was breath taking. It was me. All about me. It was me and mum, running, playing in the park. Living. It was me. Me and Kira, kissing, under a blossom tree, passionately like Matt and Dawn. It was me lying in a field, with beautiful creatures dancing round me. 

It was happiness.

The End

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