Dawn : Off To Training We GoMature

I kiss Matt back just as passionatly. We come up for air a little then carry on kissing. I don't really kiss a lot of guys but I must say Matt is a amazing kisser! My hands are in his thick brown hair, pulling him closer.

One of his hands are on my arm, slowly moving up and down it, leaving a firey trail behind it. His other hand is in my hair, pulling me closer too. We have to pull apart to breath, our foreheads touching.

We are both panting. I move back and he moves forward, not wating to be too far apart.That kiss was full of so much heat, so much passion! I want to kiss him again. I want to feel his soft lips on mine. Are lips are nearly touching when my door is bursts open.

We quickly jump apart. I can tell I'm blushing but I don't care, I'm more angry then anything! I can hear a familiar laugh, I get to my feet quickly and walk quickly over to Henry. "You git! Just 'cause your life's so sad that you think it's funny to charge into peoples rooms doesn't mean tha..." I explode.

"Wow. Dawn calm down. We need you." Kira says, looking a little embarrised for catching me and Matt kissing, standing in the way of my punching Henry again. I snort. "Oh you need me now? What happen to..." I stop when Matt puts a hand on my shoulder, calming me down.

I sigh "Fine." I say and we walk out my room and see the six and their guardians standing there. "Matt Summers. You know you shouldn't be in girls dorms." Dillon says, his eye brows raised. Matt smiles. "Sorry, Dawn needed help. You know the mouth to mouth kind." Matt says calmly and shrugs. I laugh silently.

"Anyway, you lot shouldn't be in commen room that your house doesn't belong to." Matt points out, grabing me by the waist, pulling me closer to his muscular figure. "Matt, we are and if you don't mind we need Dawn for a bit." Joe says sternly. Matt opens his mouth but I interupt. "Okay, I'm going but if that dickhead attacks me again, I will punch his lights out." I say, meaning Henry.

I hear Henry mutter something under his breath. "What? He attacked you?" Matt asks, his tone angry. I sigh. "I'll tell ya 'bout it later okay?" I say and look up at him. His jaw is tight but he nods.I smile up at him and he smiles back. Someone clears their throat, bringing me back to the others.

"We need to go training. C'mon." Dillon says then walks off, the others following behind. I sigh."See ya later yeah?" I say then walk off. A strong hand catches my wrist."You forgot something." Matt says then pulls me in for another long kiss. "Ew!Get a room!" Henry says. I put my middle finger up at him, still kissing Matt.

Just because I've kissed a guy does not mean I'm less, well, me. And Henry's going to know that.

The End

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