"You know what, Henry, you can be such a Jerk" Kira said to me. I looked at her gobsmacked.

"She hit me! Twice! How am I the Jerk?" I couldn't believe she was taking Dawns side. Everyone just stood around, rather awkwardly. The new girl, who we haven't even introduced ourselves to, just stood there lost, along with Maria.

"You always have to argue with her. She's clearly not taking it as well as the rest of us. Why do you have to get her to leave all the time?" She was staring at me, and I began to feel guilty. Not for hurting Dawn. No, I felt guilty at hurting her.

"Kira, I can't just stand there and let her punch me. I'm not a wimp." I said to her. She just looked away.

"I never thought you were a wimp." It was like a blow to the stomach. Someone coughed behind me.

"I think we should get on with the introductions, don't you?" I turned round to see Delilah staring at me. I nodded, but I kept my eyes on Kira. I would have to make it up with her. I didn't want her to be angry with me.

"Maria, Indigo, this is Henry, Kira and Willow. And that was Dawn, who just left." Sookie said, her usual smile back on her face. We all said hi, and Indigo nodded her head at us.

"I bet your wondering why your here." Kira said to them.

"Erm, kinda." Maria said. "What's this six? Who are you? And what do you mean by, find my special?"

"Was that just magic?" Indigo asked. She looked so lost there.

"Well, it's starts like-" Dillon began, but Willow interrupted him.

"Wait! Can I explain?" She waited til Dillon nodded his head, and then carried on. "We found a book, that said when a great evil is threatening the magic world, the six most powerfil witches - or in Henry's case, wizard - are gifted with six special talents. Mines charms, Henry's is magical creatures, Dawn's is healing and Kira's is Combat and defence. The other two powers are potions and plants.

"The six chosen ones are entrusted with an individual medallion, like the one round your necks. That's how we know your one of the six. We all have a guardian, who will train us in our power. All the information is in the book, which I recommend you read through."

She turned round to us, as she stopped for breath.

"Did I leave anything out?" She asked us, gleaming.

"Not that I can think of," I said "Unless have you'se got any questions" I was aware Indigo hadn't said a word till she arrived. She stepped forward and said:

"Is this a pratical joke? Who put you up to it? Was it my mum?"

The End

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