I grit me teeth as I get pecked over and over. I'm still pinned the this stupid tree but I think I can reach my... yes! I can!

 My fingers rap around my wand. I hold it tightly and pull it out, pointing it at Henry. I think about what happend to my mirror and red light comes out of my wand and hits him in the stomache, sending him flying on the floor.

The birds come fly away from me. Finally! I'm free! I quickly walk over to him and point my wand at his shocked face. "Now, you're going to pay!" I hiss at him. "Dawn! Put the wand down!" Kira yells at me, hands on her hips, her eyes blazing. "Ha! Like that's going to happen! He bloody sent loads of birds after me!" I laugh, a smile on my face.

"Dawn." Kiras hand goes on my right arm that's holding my wand. I ignore her, my eyes still on Henry. His eyes keep on switching from me to Kira. "Dawn. Stop it. You're scaring the new girl." Kira said gently. I look over to the new girl and growl. She jumps back a little.

"What the hell happend to you?" I turn to Sookie and put my wand away. "He sent a load of birds at me." I yell, pointing to Henry who is getting helped up by Kira. Sookie scowls at him, her face going even redder with anger. "You. Ruin. The. Clothes. I. Just. Got. Dawn?" She says through gritted teeth. Wow. Sookie's angry and I mean really angry!

I smile a little. Henry is brushing himself off. "She attacked me first!" He yells outraised. "And you had to ruin her new clothes?!" Sookie yells, her fists balled. "What? She attacked me and all your worried about her clothes?" Henry yells. Sookie gets out her wand. Wow. She really gets angry if you say something bad about clothes.

I admit, she has got taste, even though I'm not too keen on it but other people seem to like it.  "Sookie!" Dillon yells standing inbetween Sookie and Henry. "He's one of the six and if you go and give him a couple bad bruises, then I will give you some too!" Dillon threatens Sookie. She waits a while then does what she says.

I shake my head and look at the new girl. "Who are you newbie?" I ask going over to her. She looks up at her guardian."Dawn. Leave her alone!" Coral, the new grils guardian, says. "What? I was only asking her name!" I yell outraised.

"Well, don't!" She says, her eyes narrowed at me. I growl under my breath. "Yeah Dawn, why don't you get lost?" Henry yells at me. I narrow my eyes at him.

I look around the others, all of them look pissed off. "Fine then! I'm outta here!" I yell then storm off out of the garden. This is sooo not fair! Henry started it! For gods sake! I storm off into the school. My hands are balled and I  open the door to my commen room.

"Hey. Hey, Dawn what's up?" A familiar voice calls out but I keep going to my dorm. I open the door and shut it behind me loudly. I kick my bed and scream in rage. I hear a knock at my door. I open it and see Matts worried face. I stand there, frozen. I didn't know he was in Cagamos.

He pushes past me and closes the door behind me. He looks at my clothes and pulls me into a hug. "What happend?" He asks me gently. I look up at him. I pull away and shrug. "Don't worry about it, I got him back." I say, pretending it's nothing.

I open my wardrobe and get out my black jeans and red dress. I go into the bathroom and get changed. I come out again and see Matt sitting on my bed waiting for me. I put my ruin clothes in my laundary basket and sit on the floor, my head resting on my bed.

Matt moves and sits next to me on the floor. He hugs me again then pulls away slowly. "Matt, I don't think this is a good ide..." I start but he presses his lips against mine passionatly.

The End

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