I hate Dawn. I really, really hate her. That was twice today, and I was so going to get her back. But for now, I would let her suspect that I was backing down. I looked like a wimp though in front of everyone else. 

"Now. Can we please try and find Maria's guardian so atleast we can welcome her and explain to her what the hells going on? Thank you." Kira said. 

Before we could leave the garden though, the man that I had seen here before walked in.

"Sam." Maria said, turning round. It looked like her guardian had found us, before we could find him.

"Hey, you've found everyone." he was beaming.

"Henry found her." Kira told him. I smiled at her, and I tasted blood on my lip. Did I mention I hated Dawn? 

"Can somebody please tell me what is going on!" We all turned round, to look at Maria, who seemed quite embarrassed at her out burst. 

"Maria, I know this is confusing for you, but there is someone else who needs to listen to what we have to tell you." Dillon said. "Sam, go and get Coral, and tell her to bring the last member." Sam nodded and left the garden. 

"Now all there is to do, is wait." Dillon said sitting down. 

"Great!" Dawn said as she yawned. 

"You know what Dawn, why don't you just go. Give up your medallion and do us all a favour." I said angrily. 

"Sit down, wimp. You don't want me to punch you again." She said lazily. She sat down next to a tree as if I hadn't even said anything. I walked over to her, till I was towering over her.

"Stand up, and try."I said through my teeth. She laughed. She actually laughed, but she got up all the same, till we was eye to eye.

"Henry, If you don't get out my face, I'm going to hurt you." She said to me. I didn't move.


I stepped back, and started to wave my wand. A Green light flashed and then nothing happened. 

"Wow, Henry. That scared me..." Her voice trailed of, as suddenly the sound of flapping wings began to get closer. 

We watched as around fifty birds came flying towards us. They got closer and then they floated over my head.

"Don't you even dare." Dawn said, a hint of panic in her face. I grinned and pointed my wand towards her. As I did, all the birds flew at her, and pinned her to the tree with there beaks. Some started to peck at her, and fly around her. 

"LET ME GO!"she screamed. 

"Henry, let her go." Dillon said, coming closer to me. 

"Why should I?" I shouted. "She's punched me twice today. This is pay back."

Just then Sam entered the garden, with a woman who must have been Coral. Then a young girl, around are age entered. She looked terrified when she saw what was going on.

The End

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