The Secret GardenMature

We outside and towards a bench. There were two people sitting there, extremely close together. If it wasn't obvious they were about to kiss from far away, it was so obvious close up. We'd picked up another guardian on the way and she stepped forward now.

"Dawn Blood!" she called to the couple on the bench. Both of them jumped apart and I just barely stifled a laugh at the looks on their faces. Unfortunately, Henry wasn't very good at hiding his laughter, and the Dawn girl sitting on the bench was throwing daggers at him with her eyes. After she said good-bye to the guy she'd been with, Dawn came over to us and asked us why we couldn't have waited.

"Well, look at you," said Harry. "You look almost like a normal girl! And we were about to..." Dawn took a step towards Henry and she punched him square in the face. Woah! I thought. This was a violent school.

After I'd introduced myself to Dawn, and she'd warned me not to cross her, I went over to Henry.

"Are you alright?"

"Uh, kind of yes, kind of no. It's okay though, it's the second time this day."

"She's hit you twice?" I couldn't believe Dawn could do that! She didn't seem like anyone I'd be making friends with. Henry nodded and I gaped at him. "Bitch," I whispered. Henry heard me and started to laugh.

The guardians were leading us to a big and long bush.

"What is this?" I asked.

"The secret garden," Willow smiled at me and pointed at the bush. "Can you find the handle for the door?" I looked around the bush. I approached it and placed my hands on it, trying to feel around. Immediately, a rose appeared out of nowhere, growing where my hand had just touched.

"Did you see that?" I asked. I touched the rose and it was hard. I grasped it and turned it like a door knob, and that section of the bush swung open like a door. "That's weird!"

"We'll deal with you later," said Willow's guardian. It sounded like I was in trouble. Willow's Guardian guided us into the garden, leading us through a labrynth of shrubs and trees. Finally we came into a clearing where a yell came from.

"Very . . . good!" the person speaking grunted in between the words. They sounded like they were in pain. I looked to the far right side of the clearing and there was a man lying on the ground, struggling to get up. A girl was running to him.

"I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"No, you did, and it was good!" Willow's guardian cleared his throat and announcing their appearance.

"Joe! Hi!" said the man on the ground. "Who's this?"

"I'm Maria, I'm new."

"Is she . . ." the girl in the clearing stared at me, her words trailing off.

"Yes, she's one of the six."

The End

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