Dawn: InteruptionsMature

Me and Matt are sitting on a bench laughing. "I swear it's true!" He explained making me  laugh harder. "Course Matt I believe you." I say in between laughs. I look down at my hands and remember what I'm wearing. I sigh deeply, becoming uncomfitable again.

"Hey, what's up?" Matts strong arm goes around my shoulders, making us get closer. I shrug, hoping to change the subject. "So, what's your family like?"  I ask, looking into his eyes.  His jaw has gone tight, eyes distant. "They've disowned me ages ago." He says. My eyes widen. "Sorry 'bout bringing it up. You okay 'bout it and everything?" I ask, looking up at him, my eyes worried. 

He shrugs his broad shoulders and looks down at me, smiling. "I'm great, wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here. So, what about your family?" My smile fades as he says that. I look at my hands again then back at him. "My dad is in Africa, he says it's for work but I think he's living there. My brother is a jerk. Only talks to me if he wants something." I say and shrug.

Matt pulls me closer to him. "What about your mum?" Heasks, his expression is showing true interest. I look down at my hands, the lump big in my throat. "She. She, er, she." I take a deep breath. "She died." I say, my words coming out in a rush. Matts hand comes under my chin.

He lifts my face up to his. "I'm so sorry Dawn." He whispers, I can feel his sweet breath on my lips. I shurg, Matt doesn't move his hand away which I don't know if that's a good thing or bad yet. "It's okay. Happend ages ago. Never knew her, she died giving birth to me." I shrug again, I can feel my eyes well up. 

I haven't cried in years and I'm not going to start now! "Oh Dawn." Matts says, his eyes full of consern. He lifts my chin upwards and closer to his lips. My god, we're going to kiss. Iclose my eyes.

"Dawn Blood!" Me and Matt both jump out of our skins. We turn to the Sookie. I glare at her and the others. It's not just Sookie but Joe, Willow, Henry (who is laughing his head off) and a girl I've never seen before. I can feel anger rushing inside of me. "What?" I asked, my voice a stern threat, mostly aimed at Henry.

"We need to talk to you about some school things." Joe says, he's giving Matt some weird looks, like he's not to be trusted. I sigh, knowing Joe's lieing and is treally talking about the whole special thing. I look at Matt who smiles at me.

He gets to his feet and helps me to mine. Well, I don't need help up but I'm not complaining. Matt squeezes my hand and winks at me before turning and walking away. I scowl at the others, my hands on my hips. "Couldn't you lot waited a while?" I hiss at them.

"Well, look at you. You look almost like a normal girl! And we were about to..." I punch Henry in the face again, losing my temper. "Dawn, what have we said about you punching Henry?" Joe asks in a tired voice, shaking his head at me.

I scowl at him. "He started it!" I say through gritted teeth. "What do you want anyway?" I ask, rubbing my temples. "We can't tell you here, we need to find Kira!" Sookies voice is excited, even though she is trying to fixed Henrys nose again. I'm so not fixing it this time! He deserved it! I nod. "Fine. Lets go find her then." I say and start walking off.

"Dawn, the other direction." Joe calls out to me. I quickly turn and catch up with them. "You're new. Name?" I ask the new girl, giving her a quick glance. "Maria." She says, her voice kinda small. I nod. "By the way, don't get on the wrong side of me. Henry knows not to don't ya?" I look over to Henry who scowls at me. I smile back at him. If he says anything else, I'll break more then his nose!

The End

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