Willow: Don't do thatMature

I skip out of the libary turning back round to stand waiting for the others. "Hiya" I jump with shock at the voice and almost fall over if Alaric hadn't caught my wrist and brought me up right.

"Woow, little girl don't fall" He says smiling at me.

"It's Willow" I say blushing.

"I know" Alaric says.

"Alaric, what are you doing?" Joe sighs coming up with the others. Alaric leans against the table and flashes a smile a Maria. She seemed uncomfortable if not slightly embarassed about it.

Me, I felt a slight twang of jealousy. Then Alaric turned to me. "I came to see this one" he says putting an arm round my shoulder and ruffling my hair. I squeek unhappy dodging out from beneath his hand but his arm remains round my shoulder.

"Well you can't we have work to do. And we need to see the others about this one" Joe says gesturing Maria.

"Newbie?" Alaric says. Joe nods.

"We need to find her guardian and the other 2 and explain the six to her" Joe says calmly.

"I'll come with you then" Alaric says smiling. He suddenly pulls me closer by the waist and I stumble into him. Joe sighs heavily.

"Please stop messing with my student"  He says shaking his head.

"I'm fine" I note holding up a hand.

"See" Alaric says. "This one is perfect" I blush bright red. Henry starts to laugh. I shoot a look at him pleading and he slowly stops.

"Alaric...." You can tell Joe's patience is growing thin. Alaric sighs then pulls his arm away from round my waist. He takes my hand and kisses my knuckle.

"I'll talk to you later" He says flashing a smile and vanishing. Joe shakes his head and mumbles something. Henry comes over.

"That guy has you wrapped round his little finger, your head over heels for him" Henry says shaking his head.

"So are you for Kira" I say smiling then giggling before skipping/running off ahead.

The End

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