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After Sam had left my room and given me the, no, my wand, I decided to play a little pretend. I swooped the wand around the room, just pointing it at anything and mumbling gibberish. At one point, I directed the wand towards the window and felt energy leave my body and the wand. A green string of light flew from the tip of the wand and out the open window. I freaked out as the power of it threw me back and I fell against the wall, hitting my elbow hard. I slid down, sitting on the ground and clutching my elbow. I thought then about how my Mom would've come running upstairs, asking what was wrong, and I began to cry. I missed my family and the -25C weather so much. Just then, a knock came on my door. When I opened it there was a boy standing there. He looked to be about my age.

"Hey, I heard you crying, so I thought I'd make sure your okay. Are you okay?" I felt so embarassed. I could feel my eyes puffing and I knew that I looked a mess. I tried to at least wipe away the tears that had freshly fallen.

"Yeah. God, how embarrassing. I just banged my elbow onto the wall, and I guess all the stress of all this has kind of taken it's toll on me. Last straw and all that." I laughed lightly, realising how stupid this probably sounded to a kid who had obdviously been at the school for a while.

"New here, yeah? I came yesterday." Oh, I was wrong!

"At least I'm not the only one new then," I said, relieved. "It's all so . . . " I raked my jumbled mind for the right word.


"Exactly!" I opened the door wider and moved more outside, my medallion still around my neck. I felt it's cool medal through my shirt.

"Hey, you're one of the six!" he exclaimed suddenly.

"I'm sorry, one of the six? I'm an only child . . ."

"No, one of the six!" He looked like he was about to start jumping up and down with joy. "Follow me!" He motioned for me to come with him. I stared at him, confused. He was a total stranger, and I was just supposed to follow him? I looked around the hall way. There were plenty of people, so if this guy was going to kidnapp me then there would be tons of witnesses. Well, at least they'd be able to find my killer if he killed me!

"O-okay," He bounced off down the hallway, obviously excited to present me to someone. I followed him, sometimes jogging to catch up. Winter boots are not exactly the easiest things to jog in either. We finally reached two large wodden doors. "What's this?" I asked.

"The Library! Some of the others are in here!" He led me to the back of the library where there was a large wall with a couple paintings on it. He went to one of them and swung it sideways, opening the door to a large domed room. There was a girl sitting in the middle of a chalk circle and a man standing outside the circle.

"Willow!" said the guy who'd led me here. I realised then that I still didn't know his name!

"SHH!" yelled the man. I looked back to the girl and she had a large, hairy spider sitting in front of her.

"Concentrate Willow. Henry, you might want to look away." Henry, I now knew his name, turned away from Willow. She stared at the spider, concentrating. Then, she pulled out a piece of paper and started reading a poem from it. I wasn't listening, but when she was done, the spider seized up, then fell over. The man on the outside of the circle began to clap.

"Good job Willow!" he exclaimed. She stood up and pulled out her wand. She waved it and the circle and spider disappeared. She smiled at Joe then looked at Henry and I.

"Henry, you can turn around now." Henry slowly turned around and sighed when he saw that the spider was gone. "Who's this?" she asked, pointing her wand at me.

"Woah! I don't want to hurt you!" I put up my hands in surrender.

"Relax, these things are harmless!"

"No! Mine threw me into a wall, only after green stuff sprouted from the tip though!" Willow lowered her wand and chuckled.

"I'm Willow,"

"Maria," I said slowly, putting my arms back by my sides.

"And I'm Henry," he looked at Willow and I and smiled. "Willow, she's one of us!"

"You realise I still don't know what you're talking about, right?" I looked between the two, bewildered.

"We have to find the others!" exclaimed Willow. "Come on!"

The End

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