Dawn : Different Look, Different PersonalityMature

I storm away from them. Stupid Henry! Yes, I can be mean but that's because I've had to be. Ever since I was bullied because my mother died (Yeah I know. Kids are right idiots) I have learnt that I need to be tough.

When I was 12, my brother started to talk to me again. Before that, he only gave me horrid looks and pushed me about. I sigh, remembering that my brother still blames me for mums death. I shake my head to push out my thoughts.

I walk out side and sit on a bench with my head in my hands. "Dawn! Dawn!" I growl and look up at Sookie. She has something in her hands, is that clothes? "Hey Dawn. I've got something for you." Her face is alight and she hands me the clothes.

I get it out and raise my eyebrows. "You got me clothes?" I ask her, my eyes still on my so-called-gift. She smiles and nods eagerly. "Isn't it great? Go try it on!" Shesays excitedly. I open my mouth to protest but I see her face and decide against it.

I have upset too many people today. I nod. "Fine. I'll go put them in my room." I say and walk off to my dorm, Sookie is following me. I open my door and put the clothes in the wardrobe. I turn around and see her frown. It's weird, she should be smiling. I'm not used to her not to.

"You don't like it." Her voice is small. I shake my head. "No. I like it." I lie. She shakes her head. "If you did you'll wear  them now." She's acting childish but I sigh and get the clothes again. "Finbe, I'll wear them!" I say and storm off to bathroom. I get changed and lighten my makeup.

I brush back my hair into a ponytail. I walk out and Sookie gasps. "You look really pretty!" Sookie says, her eyes gleaming. I feel eposed. I've got a light, white, vest top on and a small black shirt. Well, at least I have something black on, even though it is a skirt. Sookie can tell that I feel strange but she sees it as a good thing. She smiles at me. "See ya around Dawn." She says and walks out my room.

I sigh as she leaves and look into the mirror. I gasp. Oh my god! I look just like my mother! Well, that is when she was alive of course. I pull my necklace out of under my shirt. I pick up a leather jacket and put it over my arm.

I walk out and see people looking at me in shock. I can feel cheeks get warm so I hurried along outside. I sit down on a bench andlook down at my hands and think about what I look like. This is stupid! I probably look like a twat! I get up and start to walk back inside.

Liams group look over at me. I can feel my cheeks getting redder, I look away and start to walk around the ga says wsrden. "Hey." Liam calls out. I turn back. Stupid! They are right in front of me now. They are confused. "Have I seen you before?" Liam asks me. I open my mouth to tell him who I am but then I see Matt smiling at me.

"Hey Dawn Blood." He winks at me,making me smile. "Dawn?" Liam asks,his mouth wide open. I smile and nod. "Yep. That's me." I say and some of the group whistled. I look around and smile as I see a kid fall over. It's mean but sooo funny! How could younot laugh?

"Wanna come round with us again?" One of the guys asks. I shrug. "Nah, thanks though." I say, walking off. "Hey! Hey Dawn! Wait up." I turn back and see Matt coming towards me. I couldn't help but smile. "Mind if I walk with you?" He asks, his amazing eyes looking into mine. I shake my head. "It's cool with me." I say, acting normal.

We start walking around the garden a couple of times talking about anything and everything.

The End

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