Henry meets the 5thMature

"Hey Kira, could I borrow that book on creatures? I want to look up some."  I ask her. It would be useful if I widened my range of knowledge on them. 

"Sure, shall we all go back to the common room, and I'll fetch you it." she said, looking round to the others.

"What is it with you and books?" Dawn asked. 

"Some of us here, are actually intellectual." I said back to her. 

"No. Some of us here are GEEKS. And it's certainly not me." she replied. 

"Hey!" I turn round and see Willow staring. "I'm not a geek." She said, annoyed.

"Right! Quit it, guys. Were a team now, so how about we start acting like one."

"Yes Dillon number two." Dawn says, rolling her eyes.

"Hey, what's your problem? Why stick around, if you hate us so much?" I snapped a her. She threw me a look.

"You know what? Good question!" And with that she stormed out. I so wanted to follow her, and argue more, but then I realised I would get some peace now she was gone. 

"Well... I see your all getting along nicely." Joe said to us. I had forgot he was there, and began to feel a bit foolish arguing in front of him. 

"We are, it's just Henry and Dawn. Clash of personalities." Willow said, smiling at Joe.

"Whose personalities doesn't she clash with." I said under my breath. Some how Kira seemed to hear me though.

"Matt's?" She said, smirking. I laughed, and so did Willow.

"We going then?" I asked them. Joe stepped forward.

"Willow? I know you want to get to know your friends better, but I think it would be better if you stayed here and practised?" He asked her. 

"Yeah sure. See you later, you two." She waved at us. 

I was kind of nervous it just being me and Kira. I knew that a lot of the others knew I liked her, but I didn't know if she knew. What if she did? Even worse, what if she laughed about me behind my back. I could hear it now. 'Ew, I can't believe he likes me, the geek' and 'Wow, he sets his standards high'. Some how though, I just couldn't imagine her being that mean.

"We going to my room then?" She asked me. I nodded

"Yeah, sure." I smiled at her and she smiled back. I needed to tell her. I needed to know for sure. Worse case, she laughed at me. Okay, that would be bad. But it was doing my head in. The others knew. If I got it out there, I'd feel better. Wouldn't I?


"Kira, I've been looking for you." Dillon said, as he turned round the corner. "Hi Henry. Kira, I want to try some new things with you. Do you mind coming?" She looked at me guiltily. 

"Sure. Sorry Henry. Listen go in my room, its on my bookshelf. Help yourself." 

"It's fine, and okay. See you around." She walked of with Dillon. I didn't know whether that had been a bad interruption, or a close save. 

As I reached the common room, I walked up the girls stairs feeling slightly self concious. Willow was right, boys weren't allowed up here. It was okay when I was with Kira, but on my own? I looked kind of creepy. 

As I reached her room, I heard a sound come from the next door. 

"OW" I heard someone say. Then she began to cry. I didn't know whether to knock on, or leave her. When she didn't stop crying, I decided I had best see if she was all right. 

I knocked  on her door and waited. I heard her cries stop suddenly, and someone shuffled to the door. The door opened, and a black haired girl with green eyes, poked her head out. 

"Hey, I heard you crying, so I thought I'd make sure your okay. Are you okay?" I said to her. Her eyes were red and puffy.

"Yeah. God, how embarrassing. I just banged my elbow onto the wall, and I guess all the stress of all this has kind of took it's toll on me. Last straw and all that." I nodded my head.

"New here yeah? I came yesterday." 

"At least I'm not the only one new then. It's all so..." she paused, looking for the word.

"Different?" I offered. She nodded her head. "Exactly!"She moved closer outside, and that's when I saw it. Round her neck was a yellow medallion.

"Hey, your one of the six!" I said to her, shocked.

The End

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