When Dawn and Kira came over, a warm feeling appeared in my stomach, when I saw they looked impressed with what I had done. I grinned, a goofy smile. Then Dawn soon wiped it off, by acting like an idiot. We all left the gardens together.

"Found your power yet then?" I asked Dawn, mockingly.

"Yes, I have." I mocked suprised and she threw a look at me.

"Wow, bet that took you a while. Go on what is it then." she was about to tell me, but Kira jumped in.

"Healing. She has the power to heal." Kira was smiling.

"Healing? Guess that kind of suits her, seeing as she does the breaking too." I said to them.

"Just like I broke your nose? I'll break something else in the minute." I knew she was being serious, so I shut up. It was hard, but I wasn't going to give the satisfaction of hurting me more. My nose was enough. Thinking about my nose....

"Hey, if you can heal, what about my nose?" I asked her. At first she wouldn't but Kira managed to persuade her too. As much as I didn't want to admit it, it was amazing. My nose felt perfect.

We came to the room, that I had seen Kira in with her guardian. As we walked in, Willow shouted "Freeze. Do not step on the chalk" We all walked round, and watched as she summoned a pixie. She was awsome.

It turned out it was called Mayna. It looked really angry at first, but then she said this spell, and it suddenly calmed down. As it flew out of the circle it came to me, and gave me a kiss. I was so shocked, and I began to blush. Everyone was staring at me, and Dawn was laughing her head of. But suprisingly I didn't mind. The pixie was so cute, and hey, I was the master of the creatures wasn't I?

"That was so cool." Kira said to her. Dawn nodded in agreement, and Willow beamed.

"Yeah, that was awsome." I said to her.

"Thanks, guys." she said, still grinning. "Have you found your powers? I guess your magical creatures, Henry, but what about you Dawn?"

"Healing." She said. She acted like she didn't care, but it was clear she did. God, why did she have to act the hard girl all the time. It was beginning to get old.

" Wow, impressive" Willow said to her. She just shrugged it off. A thanks would have been nice.

The End

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