Willow: Little pixieMature

The door opens. "Freeze" I shout. They all stop. "Do not step on the chalk"

Kira, Henry and Dawn slowly make their way round the chalk circle and I can see them looking at the small furious pixie in the centre. "I do not want to let this thing out without having a name over it" I whisper quietly.

I spot that the pixie is looking at Henry. "What's your speciality Henry?" I ask as they come to join me standing behind the table.

"Magical creatures" he says.

"Ah!" I say pausing. "That's why she's looking at you"

"Willow, you need to find her name?" Joe calls from the other side of the room. I nod then begin.

 "Arabella?? Raya??? Mayna??"

At that last one the pixie straightens out fidgetting. "That's it" Joe shouts. "Claim her"

I begin to read out the charm claiming spell.

"You are the pixie,

I have the right,

To claim you now Mayna,

This is not up for fight"

The pixie yells angrily and then the charm necklace which she through into the circle appears in her hand with the name Mayna on the wooden part of the amulet.

"You can break the circle. You know clean up" Joe says. I pull out my wand and flick it at the charm circle. The chalk fades and the crystals return themselves to the shelf.

Mayna flys over then sits down on my shoulder. "She's beautiful" I whisper. Mayna takes the compliment nicely flicking her hair back.

"Hello Mayna" Henry says.

"Hey" Kira says as does Dawn a second later. Mayna flys over to float in front of Henry. She pecks a kiss on his lips, giggle and then returns to my shoulder.

We all burst out laughing. I pull the necklace over my head. "She'll obey you even without that now" Joe notes.

"I know" I say. "But I like the necklace its pretty"

The End

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