Dawn : Magical CreaturesMature

We walk out the libary and go towards the private garden. Kira is buzzing, she's reaaly happy. Maybe it's because of how guilty she probably felt bringing up my mum, or maybe it's because we have these special powers. Whatever it is, the smile looks like it won't come off her face without a fight.

I reach for the secret door opening thing and then walked into the private garden.  "Where are they?" Kira asks, bounching up and down. I laugh. "Well, Henry went that way with his healer sooo..." I let my words drag on, but there's no need to because Kira is already pulling me towards where Henry with his guardian.

Henry flicks his wand and a phoenix appears. "Wow. Now that's cool." I admit smiling at the pheonix. I t suddenly dissapears and Henry looks over to us. Kira waves and he waves back. I smile. "Hello babe. Having fun? I missed you soooo much!" I yell out to Henry, I go up to him to hug him but he dogdes his eyes wide.

I smile and go back to Kira (who is laughing her head off!) and smile. "What the hell?" Henry says, trying to stay as far away from me as he can. I laugh. "It was a joke Henry. Trust me if I fancied you then I wouldn't hit you." I smile at him sweetly. "C'mon, lets find the others." Kira laughs, shaking her head.

The End

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