Dawn : Healer TestMature

"Healing." Dillon says while Sookie is clearing the soot of her face. I smile. "Really? I thought I was doing really well with potions, maybe I should try again?" I'm teasing again."No!" Sookie nearly yells making us all laugh again.

Ismile. "Okay?"I'm kind of nervous, probably because I haven't found my power thing yet and partly because Kira face shows that she is too. I swallow and look at Sookie whos eyes are on Dillon, I look at him confused.

"So wha...?" I ask. My eyes widen as I see Kira flick her wand towards Dillon. A small cut on his forehead. "Oh my god Kira!" I raise my voice at her angrily. My hands got out in front of me and suddenly the cut seals itself up, making it look like nothing ever was there.

Everyone is staring at me, eyes wide. "Wow!" Kira breathed.I smile a little. "I've never see it happen from a distance before." Sookies annoying voices says shocked. Dillon smiles at me. "We have a strong healer." Dillon says. I smile and nod.

Kira comes over to me and gives me a hug. I freeze. I'm not used to being hugged, it feels awkward. She pulls away and smiles. "Lets go get the others!" She says excitedly.

The End

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