Kira; Potions with DawnMature

I felt kinda felt guilty as we walked towards our guardians, but I shoved it to the back as my mind when Sookie spoke,

"Right. What's first?"

"Well you already tried Magical Creatures and by going what you said, it didn't go well." Dillon said as Dawn smiled at Sookie as she shuddered.

"Potions?" I suggested,

"Okay, we'll try that first."  With a wave of Dillon's wand there was a long table in front of us, filled with bottles of all shapes and sizes with all the colours you could think of in front of us.

"Wow!" me and Dawn exclaimed in union,

"Okay Kira, we'll go at this end of the table and we'll leave Sookie and Dawn to it." I nodded leaving Dawn with Sookie,

"This will get you some brownie points with Professor Fritz too."

"I like brownie points" I smiled,

"All you do is don't be too cocky until you impress him a little. He hates show offs though."

"No showing off. Got it."

"Right now, put that purple mixture into the orange," I did what he said, "Now a little of the green and add the small golden vile."

"Its not doing anything."


The strange coloured mixture started to fizz and spit, "Is it supposed to do that?" I said a little worried,

"Just wait for it...." The mixture foamed up to ten times its size spilling out and around the other bottles andf onto the floor, "That was my favourite potion when I was at school." he grinned

"I can tell why!" I said as it spilled onto my shoes, I kicked it at him making it land on his trousers,

Before he could get mad there was a loud bang and me a Dillon looked around startled, Dawn started laughing at Sookie. Her face was covered in a black soot, Dawn was still uncontrollably laughing.

"I guess potions is not your thing then" Sookie said, a little peeved but it all made us crack up, she even smiled a little.

"What next?" Dawn said in-between giggling and clutching her sides.

The End

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