Dawn: PhotoMature

Kira smiles at me, I smile back and go over to her. "Sookie's just upset 'cause a bird scared her shitless." I say laughing. "It did not!" Sookie says going red again. "I sooo did." I'm teasing but it's funny. "Did not!" "Did too!" We start agrueing.

"Shut up!" Me and Sookie both shut up and look at Kira and Dillon who said that in unison. "Aw, you're his mini me!" I laugh at Kira. She shakes her head, trying to look annoyed but I can see the laughter in her eyes and her lip is twitching.

"So, you and the Henry dude then?" I ask, lowering my voice so only Kira can hear. She goes red. I shake my head. "Knew it." I say, smiling. "Hey, you two this isn't a social chat." Dillon says, looking angry. Me and Kira laugh silently to eachother. "So, what we going to do?" I ask Dillon.

"We are going to do is find out what you can do. Get comfy, we are going to be here for a while." I groan. "I can't be comfy in uniform." I say, trying to get out of it as much as I can. "Dawn, you go with Kira and get changed and come back here okay?" Sookie asks in her annoying voice. I fake a smile and nod at her. Her face lights up in a smile.

We walk out of the libary and head for my common room. We get there quickly, I open my door and Kira gasps. "What?" I ask her, looking at her expression. "Your room is... is..." I can see Kira is finding the right words. "Kira, it's okay. Say what you see. That's what I do." I shrug and open up my wardrobe.

"It's very black and red." I laugh at her. "Yeah. I like it." I shrug and pull out my black shirt with a silver skull on it and some black jeans. I turn toKira, sit down if ya want to." I say and go into the bathroom and get changed.

I walk out smiling, my face drops as I see Kira with my photo by my bed. My throat goes tight. "What are you doing?" I ask her, making her jump. She carefully puts down the last picture I've got of my father, brother and my mother.

My mother, she died giving birth to me and ever since then my father started going out to Africa for ages. "Lets go." I say chearfully, trying to change the subject. Kira gets up with me and we walk out of Cagamos common room.

We are walking slowly to the libary. "So, is that you family? In the photo?" I sigh, knowing that Kira isn't going to drop this. "Yep." I look around. My hands are on the doors to the libary. "Your mother looks like you. Is she nice?" I can feel the lump in my throat come back. "Dunno. She died giving birth to me." And with that I open the doors and go back to Dillon and Sookie.

The End

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