Kira; LeaderMature

"I'm here for my own reasons." Alaric flirts with me, smiling.

"Really?" I said softly pretending to flirt back,

"Yeah and your one of them."

seriously try not to laugh, "What about Dawn?" I move slightly closer to him,

"What about her. She's nothing compared to you," I could see the glint in his eye,

"You know..." I grinned, "Men like you..." I could see him getting excited "Make me want to consider woman" he opened his mouth slightly in shock, in the corner of my eye I saw Dillon covering his mouth stifling his laughter,

"Er..." Alaric stammers, I turn on my heel towards Dillon,

"Nice one." Dillon says grinning widely,

"Thanks, now what are we practicing,"

"Hang on, let me get over the shock of what you said to poor Alaric." he said with a little chuckle. We turned and watched him still trying to figure out what just happened.

"He'll get over it." we laughed together.


"Your definitely a good leader." Dillon says as we walk into the secret room in the library,


"Yes. You are the leader Kira. Did you not know that?"

I shake my head, "No."

"Well you're a great one."
I stop suddenly panicking. Me, a leader? I wasn't a leader. Follower born and bread.

"Kira, are you okay?"

"Umm.... Yeah... no.... I don't know! What do you mean I'm the leader?"

"Well, your the leader, you will guide and lead this team to victory."

"But I'm not the leader. I can't be,"

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not tough like Dawn-"

"Exactly. Your not Dawn. You stopped Henry and her bickering, you keep the peace between you, like a leader. Dawn might be tough, but she can be very hot headed and doesn't think rationally. She thinks with her fist. Don't get me wrong she will be a great witch, but not a leader."

"Because that makes me feel better." he laughed at my reaction, "But why isn't someone who wants to be the leader be it?"

"Because they assume there leaders. Assumptions can be wrong. Its always the quite one you have to watch" That made me smile, "You'll be fine Kira. I'll be training you."

"That's what I'm worried about." I joked, Dillon put his hand to his mouth in mock horror. We both laughed.

Dawn and her guardian, Sookie, came through the door.
"Dillon, will you and Kira help us find her special?"  Dawn was in slight awe looking around the room,

"Sure." we said in union, I smiled at Dawn. 

The End

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