Dawn: Long DayMature

Sookie smiles at me. "C'mon then." She says and walks towards the opposite end of the garden. I follow her with my eyes, my feet not moving at all. "Dawn. Go find out your power." Kiras guardian orders me. I look at him.

"You think you can tell me what to do?" I say, my tone bored. "No. I know I can." He says smugly, I still don't move. "Dawn, you should go." Kira says, her face is calm but her eyes are a little angry about me hiting her Henry.

I roll my eyes. Suddenly a guy appears in front of me. He looks around and smiles at me. "You must be one of the six. What colour are you?" He looks me up and down, I quickly grab his arm and twist it around his back, he falls to his knees, my hand keeping his arm behind his back.

"Wow, you must be the one they are saying will be trouble." He says, I can see a smile on his face. "Dawn, let him go. He's not worth it." Kira says next to me. I wait a while and do as she says. The guy gets up to his feet. "Alaric, what are you doing here and how do you know about the six?" Kiras guardian, Dillion, asks. Alaric shrugs rubbing his arm.

"Joe said. Anyway," He turns to me then goes to flirt with Kira. "I'm here for my own reasons." He smiles at her, I roll my eyes. "Dawn, c'mon!" Sookie says popping up next to me. She sees Alaric and blushes. I roll my eyes.

All this makes me want to get away. "Sookie. You have your duties." Dillon says. She looks at him and blushes. Why do I have to get stuck with the lovey dovey one?

I sigh as she nods. "Dawn. Come on." She says to my like I'm the reason we're still here. I shake my head and follow her to a empty space in the garden away from the rest.

She smiles at me."Can you get out your wand please?" I roll my eyes but do as she says. The sooner I get this over and done with, the better. "Isn't this nice. Us talking?" She smiles. I shrug, this is deffinatly not my version of nice.

"Kira special is spells and things so you don't have that, Willow's is charms so yours might be magical creatures, potions, healer or magical plants." Sookie looks at me, eyes wide.  She looks at me, waiting for me to do something. I sigh and flick my wand at a tree nearby. It burns and quickly turns to ash.

I look at Sookie, her mouth is open. "Don't think pretty plants are my thing." I say holding my wand with both hands. "Right, so not magical plants then. Point your wand to the sky." I shake my head and do as I'm told for once. A red smoke/light thing comes out of it, flying into the sky. I lowered my wand.

We both waited and nothing happend. "So, not a magical creatu...." Sookie was half through what she was saying when a dead blackbird falls to her feet. She screamed a little, making me laugh. "This is going to be a long day right?" I ask, Sookie nods her eyes still on the bird at her feet.

The End

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