Willow: Joe's BrotherMature

"Willow.... have you practiced?" Joe says adressing me.

"Well" I say drawing it out. "We were looking at Fairy names but-"

"You haven't practiced" he says simply.

"No" I say shaking my head. Joe sighs. "I will practice"

"No need we're going to try it out in the study now" He says. I look at Kira.

"Go on I'll be fine" She says waving me off.

"Yeah, I'm gonna get her to practice as well" Kira's guardian says stepping up.

"Okay" I say smiling. I follow Joe out of the garden the to the libary then thwack. "Joe!" I shout worried. But he's laughing as he gets up and I look in the direction of where the air blast came from to see a younger similiar version of Joe.

"Nice to see you Alaric" Joe calls. The boy shrugs.

"Came to see my only brother" The boy, Alaric, vanishes then appears in front of me. "Nice to meet you, beautiful lady"

I blush. "Don't do that Alaric she's one of the six" Joe says shaking his head.

"Better be quiet about that brother otherwise someone might hear" Alaric says tutting.

"You shush too. You shouldn't even know" Joe hisses.

"And who told me?" He says slightly patronizing. Joe shakes his head and begins to move off. I follow him quickly. "Which one are you then?"

I look at him confused. "She has the blue medallion and excells in charms" Joe says through his teeth.

We reach the study through the libary. "That's wicked girl" he says. I blush and he elbows me. "Don't be bashful"

"I need her calm to study Alaric" Joe says as he motions for me to get the books out. I pull them out.

"Okay, I'll go annoy some of the other Guardians and there medallion kids" He says.

"You can hardly call them kids when you only turned 17 a week ago" Joe says shaking his head. Alaric ignores him and pulls something out of his pocket.

He presses it into my hand. "Calling stone. Eat it and call me whenever you want" With that he vanishes leaving me blushing.

"Please tell me you're not falling for my brother" Joe says looking at me his head tilted.

The End

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