I couldn't believe it. Pain soared up to my face, and I felt blood pour out of my nose. I wanted to hurt her. That stupid, idiotic little girl. How dare she hit me. I jumped up, ignoring the look from the others, and stepped closer to her.

"Want to do that again." I said coolly.

"Don't tempt me." She said back. I wanted to hit her. I wanted to grab that silly little head, and whack her head of the tree. I wanted to punch her so hard. But she was a girl, and I didn't hurt girls. That's when I got the shock of my life. Kira pulled out her wand, and flicked it at Dawn, sending her flying. 

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Kira's guardian shouted. He stared at us all in disbelief. 

"YOU'SE ARE A TEAM. You are a team. How are you supposed to fight this evil power, if you are all fighting yourselves. I WILL not have any more of this! You hear?" He looked really angry. 

Sookie skipped over to me, and waved her wand under my nose. The pain slowly began to fade, till it was just a slight throb.

"That's the best I can do, I'm afraid. Not as good as I used to be. All I have done is ease the pain, but it's still bleeding, and from the look of it, broken." She walked back to the line of guardians.

Dawn walked back over to us, and I was scared she was going to hit Kira, but luckily she just threw her a look and stood as far away as she could from us.

Kira's guardian started to speak again. "Each of you will have a special part to play in the future, and it's up to us to make sure your ready for it, which means making sure that there is no more of this." Once he had made sure we were all listening to him, he carried on, as if nothing had happened.

 "Firstly, you must learn who you are. I've know that Willow and Kira have a faint idea, but Henry and Dawn do not." He stopped speaking and let Dawn's guardian carry on.

"That is what we are going to do today. Dawn, you can't avoid me any more, your coming with me now. The rest of you will go with your individual guardians." I heard Dawn sigh, and I wanted so badly to slap her round her face. 

"I'll go see if I can find the other two. There here now, but they have only just got here." Said the other man, I hadn't recognised. Delilah began to move to another part of the garden, and she beckoned me to follow. I looked at Willow and Kira, and they smiled at me as I walked of. I didn't even acknowledge Dawn. 

She stopped in a small clearing, where there were no flowers, or trees, and lots of room to move.

"Know lets find your special talent, Henry." She said rather excitedly. I pulled out my wand grinning. As I did, a sharp pain ran down the side of my nose. I made a note to do less smiling.

"Wave you wand, like this." She said to me, waving it from the ground to then pointing it in the sky. 

"Okay." I said, grinning. I did what she said, and a green light shone out of my wand. After the light cleared, a saw the most magnificent bird fly out of it, slowly getting bigger. As it reached full size, I recognized it from the book that Kira had shown me. It was a phoenix.

"Wow." I said, unable to say anything else. I had just used magic.

"Now, Henry. Understand, that you didn't create that. I creature that intelligent, can not be made by a simple spell. You merely conjured up and image of one. This should slowly fade soon." Delilah said. As if right on cue, it began to fade, till I couldn't see it any more. 

"What does that mean though? What's my talent. Flying?" I asked eagerly. I had always dreamed of flying when I was younger. However, she just laughed, making me feel slightly foolish. 

"No, no. Henry think carefully. What did you see?" Great. She was going to make me guess.

"A phoenix." I told her. 

"And what is a phoenix?" she asked me. 

"A bird." My power was birds? I could already hear Dawn laughing in my mind.

"Not just a bird, Henry. Think carefully." She was egging me to go on, urging me to find the right answer. I thought carefully. It was a bird. The king of birds. A magical bird. I thought came to my mind.

"Magical creatures?" I asked her. She smiled at me, and began to laugh happily. 

The End

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