Sookie keeps trying to catch my eye but it's not going to happen. "Dawn, are you so big-headed that you won'teven look at me?" She asks in her annoying voice, making Henry burst out laugh, I scowl a him.

I turn and scowl at Sookie. "You've got to talk to me to find out your special power." She says, her eyes gleaming. I roll my eyes, so she gets confidence around the other guardians then. "I already know my special." I hiss at her. She's taken back. "R-Really? You do?" She has the same expression as the others, pure shock.

"Yeah. Come here. It one where if people call me stuff like big-headed, I can punch their lights out." I say, my fist ready. I walk forward and she jumps back, the other guardians getting in my way. "You shouldn't speak that way about your guardian!" A guy says angrily. I glare at him. "Fine, I want another one then!" I say.

"Yeah, she wants Matt to be her guardian. But then again he'll do a lot more then teach her some spells, right Dawn?" Henry says smugly. I turn around and punch him in the face , he falls to the floor.

Everyone crowdes around him. I click my knuckles still scowling at him. "You shouldn't do that!" Says a lady, he's guardian. I roll my eyes. "He should be saying stuff then I would punch him would I?" I say annoyed. They shake their heads.

"They were right, you are going to be hard." One says to the rest, the all nod. For gods sake, what is this place? A soppy school?

The End

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