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Once we had found a better guide, we made it to the garden quite soon. It had turned out that Dawn was leading us the wrong way, and I made no hesitation in pointing this out to her. She didn't seem happy with that, and I had a smug face on me all the way to the garden. 

"Normally, first years like you don't come here." Matt told us. "It can be pretty hard finding the entrance. It should be round here somewhere." 

He put his hand, in one of the hedges, and started to feel around. I didn't know whether it was just me or not, but the door outline was very obvious. The outline of it, was a different shade of green than the rest of the hedge. There was even a small, red rose where I supposed the door handle was. 

Matt did look funny though, moving around in the bush, trying to find it, that I didn't say anything. Luckily for him though, Dawn spoke up. 

"I don't know about you guys," She said to us. "But it's bright as day to me, where that door is." She lent over and put her hand where the rose was and twisted the handle. 

Matt looked at her gob smacked. 

"How did you find that? It takes years for people to figure out where the handle is. It changes all the time." 

"I don't know, it just seemed obvious where it was. Could you see it?" She asked us. 

"I could." Kira said. I nodded mine too. Willow began to laugh.

"It's clearly because were special." She said to us. Matt looked at us questioningly. 

"Special?" He asked. Dawn through a look at Willow. 

"Never mind, lets not stand here all day shall we." She said, walking across the threshold and into the garden. Matt stared at us for a second, and then thankfully decided to drop it. He walked in after Dawn, followed by Kira, and then Willow. 

I waited for a second, thinking about what was happening. I was one of the special six. I had a special talent. I was going to save the world. Man, it was a lot to take in. I heard voices, and decided to enter the private gardens. 

It was wonderful. Beautiful blossom trees were dotted here and there. There were exotic flowers, growing wildly all over. Flowers I had never seen before, and couldn't put a name too. Looking closely, I saw that we were not alone in this garden, as here and there, I saw the odd tail flash by, or glaring eyes staring out of the bushes. 

"I see you made it to the gardens" We all turned round, and stood by a small pond, Delilah stood there, with five other people. One I recognised as the man who had been with Kira this morning. Another was the young woman that Dawn was constantly running from. I saw the man that had pointed us in the direction of the private gardens, who I guessed was Willows guardian. I had never seen the other two before.

"We found the book." Willow said, excitedly. Her guardian put his hand up.

"Not yet. Matt, is there something you want?" He asked, turning to face him. Matt looked slightly uncomfortable, as if he hadn't expected to find such a large group gathered here.

"I erm... I was just coming to see you sir. About my... erm my homework." I felt pretty sorry for the guy, as it was clear he was intruding in something.

"I'm glad your taking you studies seriously Matt, but would you mind if I meet you another time? Come to my office later on, after dinner." Matt nodded, and turned to leave. 

"See you Matt. " Dawn shouted after him. He turned round and smiled at her, and she gave a little wave. God, I wouldn't have been surprised if he had ran out, with the way she was looking at him. If it was any more clear she liked him, she would be drooling. 

"We hadn't expected you all to find the book so soon, so forgive us if we haven't introduced you to the other two yet. They live further away than you all, so there a day late." Said the woman I didn't recognise.



The End

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