Dawn: BlushingMature

We allwalk out the common room and head for the private gardens. I'm walking in front, pretend that I know where I am going.

We are heading outside now. "This isn't the private gardens."  I turn and scowl at Henry. "Really? I never knew that." I say saracasticly. "Wouldn't surprise me if you didn't." He mumbles. I ball my hands into a fist, my right hand rapping around my wand. "What's that suppost tomean?" I ask through gritted teeth.

Henry opens his mouth to say something. "Don't you two! Not now!" Kira says firmly. I sigh and look away, my fist ready to punch him. I shake my head. "Guys, lets get going, the sooner we find then the sooner we can help the world and stuff." The girl called Willow says excitedly. I roll my eyes.

"Dawn doesn'tknow where she's going." I spin around and walk up to Henry, my eyes blazing. "Hey!" Kira says. I shake my head and quickly turn and walk.I bump into someone and fall but a strong hand catches me and helps me to my feet.

"Carefull there Dawn Blood." I look up at Matt and blush. Yes me, I'm blushing. "Thanks." I mutter to Matt, looking down. I'm blushing like made. "Where you heading?" Matt asks looking at me. "Er, the erm private er gardens." I say. God, I could kick myself right now! "I know the way. Fncy me coming along too, there's someone I need to talk to there?" I nod, my cheeks going even redder.

The End

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