Indigo: Wah!Mature

I watch as the light up display on my clock changes from 11:59 to 12:00.

There's the sound of movement in the room behind me. I spin round, my long black hair flying and whipping my face. I see... a girl who looks like me. Exactly. I wonder if I'm looking in the mirror, but it's over the other side of the room.

She doesn't look that much like me now I look closer. Her hair's wavy and longer, and her eyes don't look so much green as yellow. And she is way taller.

"Hey. You're Indigo, right?" she says.

"Um... yes. How did you get in?"

"Never mind. I'll tell you later. I'm Coral Sung, and your parents are coming to check you're asleep. We need to go. They'll know where you've gone, but they don't want to let you go. Here, you're getting a lesson before school. Hiding potion. Oh yeah! Here," she said, pulling a miniature bottle with what looked like water but smelled like mint and smoke (which actually smelled quite nice) in it from one pocket and a polished black rod from the other, which she gave to me.

"Wand. Ebony. Here," she said, removing the lid and handing me the bottle after having some herself. I sipped it,feeling like an idiot as my mum stuck her head through the door and stared right at- or rather, right through me, it seemed.

"I'm glad that worked. I'm rubbish at potions and stuff like that."

"What was in that? It smelled like mint tea... and coal smoke."

"You can tell that from just sniffing it? You should be good. Come one!" she said, grabbing my wrist. "Try not to be sick," she warned me. The room disappeared and somewhere different appeared.

The End

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