Willow: 104Mature

"I'm turning the page" I say. They all turn back to look at me as I flip to page 104. Then slowly begin to read out.

One of pureness of colours of all,

One of charms to summon the call,

One of creature so vile but sometimes Right,

Then One of healing to straighten its life,

Another of Liquid, Potions alike,

Then one of Plants to finsh the fight,

These are the six to continue the task from before,

Will they succeed or last no more.

"Well thats hardly useful?" Dawn exclaims. We all turn and glare at her then I continue to speak.

"I'm the one of Charms" I say pointing at it.

"I think I'm the pureness of colours cause my medallion contains colours of the rainbow" Kira explains.

"Then we know you two are one of those six" I say smiling with delight.

"Maybe we should find your guardians. That's how I learned mine" Kira says.

"Me too" I say happily.

"Then we should find them" Henry says rising up. I grab the pixie name book and shove it in my bag.

"Should we take this book with us" I ask motioning to it.

"We are taking it" Dawn says picking it up and passing it to me with a slight bit of a shove.

"Where should we search first?" I ask following them out of the room stumbling slight under the weight of the three books in my bag and the one I carry in my arms.

"Lets just wander" Dawn says. "Mine will find me eventually"

"I've got a better idea" I say spotting Joe. "Hold this Kira" I pass her the book. "We can ask my guardian. JOE!"

He turns to look across the hallway. Then shakes his head smiling before walking across.

"May I help you Willow? Aren't you meant to be practicing?" he says smiling down warmly at me.

"Well, yeah" I say. "But I have a brillian reason. We're looking for Henry's and Dawn's Guardians"

"Ahh, Most of the Guardian are in the private garden" He says. I turn on my heels.

"Too the garden" I shout then hesitantly I turn back and kiss Joe's cheek. "Thanks Joe" I say then run off the other following.

The End

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