The book, that Dawn wanted us to look at, was very old. The title read:

The Six Personal Medallions.

My hand instinctively moved to my pocket, where I kept my green medallion. Was this a coincidence, or did this have something to do with me?

"Medallions? Wait. I have a medallion." Willow told us. She lifted it out from under her shirt, and showed it to us. It was identical to mine, but where mine was green, hers was blue. 

"Hey, that's the same as mine!" Kira exclaimed. She lifted hers out too, and showed us her rainbow coloured one. 

"I knew it! I knew you had one too. I knew it was the same as mine." Dawn said, and as I had guessed, she too revealed hers - which was red. 

They all looked at me, questioningly. What was the harm in showing it to them? They all had one too. I lifted it out, and they all raised there eyebrows. 

"What does this mean?" Kira asked, quietly. 

"Wait. This book says there should be six. There's only four here." Dawn said suddenly. "That means, if this book is true, that there's two more people out there." 

"But who?" I asked. 

"How am I supposed to know." Dawn snapped at me. 

"I was only asking. It was a rhetorical question, forgot you was so dumb." I spat back at her. I wasn't putting up with her.

"Maybe if you-" she began, but Kira interrupted her. 

"Guys, can you cut it out, for two seconds. Please." we both looked at her, and shut up. 

"Thanks. Now what does this book say?" she asked us. Willow leant over and read out the first page. 

"Each necklace is different." She said. "They all symbolise different things. There are different colours for each person, they are unique just like the ones who wear them.

  "In each generation, when they are needed, the six most powerful witches and wizards of the time are chosen to fulfil out the task set ahead and succeed in saving everyone from peril."

She stopped reading and looked up at us. 

"Oh my God. Were the most powerful witches and wizard of our times. How cool is that?" She said, grinning. 

"Shush, read on." Dawn urged her. I was surprised she was so into this, I didn't have her down for believing this kind of thing. Willow carried on. 

"On record, only one such group have ever been needed. Originally a seven, they set out to defeat the most dangerous enemy, that the magic world had ever been against. Unfortunately, due to one member betraying them, they failed in there task. 

"Prophecy's have been made since then, which tell us that in the future, another six will form. To read such prophecy's go to page 104." 

She finished the page and looked up at us once again. We all stared at each other, unsure what to say. 

The End

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