Dawn: The BookMature

I stare at the page in front of me, my eyes wide.

Each necklace is different, they all symbolise different things. There are different colours for each person, they are unique just like the ones who wear them.

I run my fingers over a drawing over a necklace just like mine. I swallow hard and jump to my feet. I put the heavy book under my arm and run. I sigh, knowing I have to tell someone. But who? Kira! I saw a necklace a while back that she was wearing, it looked kinda like mine.

I head for her room. I'm running through the Brontide common room, making my dark brown hair get in my face. I push it back and ignore some dirty looks I'm getting from some people. Now is so not the time to start a fight.

I push the door open. Kira, Henry and another girl all look at me, shocked. My face is flustered and I'm panting a little. "Kira. You need. To read. This." I say as calmly as I can. They all look confused. They keep looking between me and the book. "Thought you didn't like the whole books thing." Henry says, scowling at me a little.

"Shut up or I'll hit you with the bloody book!" I growl at him. I walk over to them and sit at their feet. I open the book out in front of me, so everyone can see it perfectly.

The End

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