I couldn't believe how rude Dawn was, leaving like that. And after we had saved her from her guardian again. What was her problem? 

Then I suddenly became aware that I was in Kira's room, with just her. I stood awkwardly at the doorway.

"Well I guess we now know she doesn't like to study much or have a descent conversation." she said, as she flicked through a book. She looked up at me, as I looked around the room.

 "You can sit down you know."

I blushed, and perched myself on the side of the bed. 

"You don't like her much do you?"  she said to me. At first I wondered who she was on about, but then I realised she meant Dawn. 

"No, not really" I said grinning. Was it that obvious? 

"Not really my type either," she told me, and we both started to laugh. 

"What's that book there?" I asked her looking more closely. There was a picture of magnificent bird, with long orange feathers that burst into fire at the ends. Its elegant neck was lifted high, with it's small beak wide open, screeching - no not screeching, the bird looked too... intelligent to make such an awful noise. 

"The encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures." She said, looking at me. "This is a phoenix, it says here." 

"It's beautiful." I said to her, though I was staring at her, instead of the book. She looked up at me, and I glanced down at the book quickly."Where did you get this?" 

Before she could answer me, the door opened, and Willow walked in. She looked at me, questioningly. 

"You do know boys aren't allowed in girls rooms" She told me, but Kira informed her she let me in. What was it to her anyway? Wow. I was getting snappy. 

"Your rooms cool" She complimented Kira, looking round. 

"What's that book?" Kira asks indcating the book in Willows arm. I could tell already she was a book worm. Which meant she was bright. 

"Oh its a Pixie name book. I thought you could help me pick a few out to try in my next charm and summoning lesson with my guardian. I'm fine to revise the rest on my own. But I thought this would be fun" Willow said to us both.

"Sure, Willow" Kira says smiling, and I agreed to as well. 

"What are the names then?" I asked her, as she sat down on a chair near the bed. She placed the book down, in between us all, and we all leant over. 

"How about that one there, Katie?" I said, pointing to one of the first names on the page. Willow pulled face, which made Kira giggle. 

"Katie... No, want a more original one. One that's just a Pixie name." She said as she too, scanned the page. 

"Look at that one, Pyookford!" Kira said.

"Puke - ford?" Willow asked, amazed. "I'd hate to see what that Pixie looked like!"

She burst out laughing, which was hilarious to watch, as her laugh was very loud. In fact, she had soon set me and Kira of. In seconds, we were all bent over in stitches. That was twice in one day, I had laughed uncontrollably. Actually it was the first time in months, I had laughed at all!

"I think I'll go with a more serious one, thanks." Willow said, as she began calming down. "I want a pretty one." 

Kira bent down again and started picking more out. 

"How about Celeste? Or Callisto?" she said. I began to pick a few out too. 





"YES! I like it." Willow shouted, jumping up. As she did, I fell off the bed in shock, which set the girls off laughing again.

"Right, right. It's not that funny." I told them, blushing as I got up. 

"Your right, your right. We're sorry." Kira said to me. They both looked up at me, holding in their giggles. I could see their lips smirking, itching to let out there forbidden laughs. 

"Okay, okay. Arabella it is." I say trying to distract them, but unluckily for me, I tripped up as I went to sit back down on the bed. They couldn't hold it in much longer, and I felt my self go bright red, as there laughs filled the room. 

Soon enough, I was joining them.

The End

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