Dawn: ReadingMature

I storm out of Kiras room. Okay, I shouldn't of been out of order about her room but come on! It's sooooo dull! Yeah she had like fifty books. What does she expect I'm gonna do? Run over to them, sticking my nose into the contence?

I shake my head. Surely she should know I'm not like that, I've been around her long enough. Okay, I'm being mean. Really mean. I'm not normally this out of order, it's just too much. Too much too soon.

I mean, one minuet I was in my room wanting to kill my brother and the next I'm at this school. I admit, this place, finding out I'm magical is just epic! But, I dunno. I don't like being rushed into things and it feels like I'm being rushed.

I'm kinda running out of the Brontide common room thing. It's pretty cool but I like the Cagamos common room better. I'm not sure why, probably because it shows somewhere I belong. Or, at least, somewhere I should belong. I haven't made up my mind if I do yet.

I run out into a corridor and head into the libary. This place is huge so I should be able to hide in here for a while. I head for the futhest part of the libary, it's covered with shelves and shelves of books.

I smile as I sit run to my new hiding place. I start to pant as I sit down on the floor. My breath is back to normal now.

I'm bored. I get to my feet and search around, looking for nothing in perticular. Hmm, some of these sound kinda cool. Magic throught the ages. The Greatest Wars. Guardians. The Six Personal Medallions.

Hmm, medallion. My hand instandly touches the cool, smooth, pretty medallion. I pull the book from the shelf and take it back to where I was sitting. I open the old book carefully, not wanting to rip any pages.

I look at the first page and start to read. It's strange, I don't normally read yet, I feel a knid of pull to read this book. To learn for it's pages.

The End

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