Willow: Pixie Name'sMature

"Long enough, Send her back" Joe says quietly. I nod then recite the Poem changing two lines.

"Sweet Little Sally, Fade back from the Light,

You need to go home now, In Sadness or In Fright"

As soon as Sally fades down into the star the charm comes flying back out. It seems crisp and burnt. I flick my wand at the Crystal's and they stop glowing the Summoning broken.

I feel quite sad. "Next time we won't do ghosts. Summoning those you've lost hurts..... It hurts a lot" Joe says stepping up and wrapping a arm round my shoulder.

I turn  and hug him round the waist pressing my face into his chest. "She shouldn't have died" I whisper.

"She seemed quite health for a spirit" Joe whispers. I nod. "Next time we'll summon a pixie. Practice that. They are quite fun to do. You'll need to guess its name if you want to keep it or give it to a friend"

He pulls away then moves to a shelf. Her's a book of name's Pixie's can take. Why don't you go rest before Dinner??

I nod pack my bags with the two books clutching the third one with Pixie names to my chest and pack sheets of poems I was trying out on paper also into my bag then run off. I know where to go straight away. I reach the corridor and knock on Kira's door. She opens it and I see Henry behind her.

"You do know boys aren't allowed in girls rooms" I call to him.

"I let him in" Says Kira.

"Can I come in?" I ask smiling.

"Sure Willow" She says opening the door wider.

"Your rooms cool" I say looking round.

"Whats that book?" Kira asks indcating the book.

"Oh its a Pixie name book. I thought you could help me pick a few out to try in my next charm and summoning lesson with my guardian. I'm fine to revise the rest on my own. But I thought this would be fun" I say smiling.

"Sure, Willow" Kira says smiling.

The End

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