Willow: Charm circleMature

"And the last sign is like a 'T' with a 'S' going through it" I say sketching the last one out on the outside round the circle with the five point star in. The round that I draw another circle.

I jump out careful not to smug anything and grab my wand. I flick it at the crystals on the side then levitate them slowly over to a point each of the five point star.

"Well done" Joe says. He's leaning against the book case watching with shocked amusement. "Don't summon one to big"

I nod. I pick up the charm I made then my sheet with two poems on. One is to open the portal and the second is to bring out the creature then put it back.

"Blood and Rage

Diveine do Not,

I bring forth the Flames,

Of a Ghostly Plot"

A echo goes through the inner circle like its water but its not. Its a thin veil between reality and the after life. The Crystal flicker and light up.

"Choosing ghost. This could get nasty"  Joe says stepping back. "Who you summoning?"

"My old friend Sally..... She died in a car crash last year" I say. Then taking a deep breath I recite the poem.

"Sweet little Sally, Come towards the Light,

You will come to me now, In Sadness or In Fright"

A small ghostly form rises from the star. "Oh Sally" I say shaking my head. Her face is obviously that of Sadness.

"I never wanted to die so young" She whispers her voice echoing.

Then We continue chatting for a while.

The End

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