I saw Henry's expression and decided to take some action, "If we help you out, you stop treating us like crap." I said as we walked (I was so not running) through the library and out into the hall,

"Yeah, whatever." she said, I stopped walking.

"No. No whatever's. To be honest were the only chance for you to make friends in this place and if your not going to return the favour, you can forget it." Out of the corner of my eye I saw the corners of Henry's mouth twitch, almost like he was going to smile.  She looked at me for a while, but seemed to make up her mind,

"Where are we going to hide then."

"My room" I said as I starting to walk again,

"Your room?" They both said in union.

"Yeah, or have you go a better idea? I don't know the castle so I have no idea where else."

"Fair enough." Henry agreed,


"This. Is your room." exclaimed Dawn like she hated it.

"Yep, is there something wrong with it?"

"Where the hell is the colour? All you got in here is a bookshelf wardrobe and desk, the fire place is alright but come on."

"She obviously likes it like this." Henry said through gritted teeth,

"Yep. I love it!" I walked over to my bookshelf picking up ‘The Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures." and sat on my bed.

"So what are we doing then?" Dawn asked.

"What do you want to do? I thought we could just talk, have a laugh."

"Forget this!" Dawn stormed out of the room.

"Well I guess we now know she doesn't like to study much or have a descent conversation." I smiled at the book turning over a page to reveal the most strange creatures I have ever seen. I propped myself up on one of the pillows leaning against the wall, I read the  book. "You can sit down you know."

"Oh, yeah..." he sat down on the end of the bed.

"You don't like her much do you?"

"No not really." he smiled,

"Not really my type either," We laughed,  

The End

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