Dawn : Bumping Into People.Mature

I'm running around school, dodging the students who are in my way. It's no good running outside, I've got to get inside.

I run through the doors and find myself in the libary. It's impressive from the glimpses I can see rushing past me. I run faster and faster. I look behind me, looking for Sookie. I can't see her, good. I turn and bump into someone, we both go flying.

I sit up and shake my head. Ow. I get to my feet and see Kira getting onto hers, helped by Henry. "Sorry." I pant. "Running. From. Guardian." I say. Henry glares at me but I can't be bothered to deal with him now.

Kira smiles at me, finally on her feet. "No problem. Lets go somewhere, she doesn't seem like the type to take you away from your mates." Kira says. Mates? Are we really? Hm, quess so. "Sooo, where we going?" I ask, finally I've got my breath back.

The End

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