"Maria! Go get the mail, will you?" I roll my eyes at my Mom, getting up from the dining room table, where I was doing my homework,  and walking into the kitchen.

"Okay, Mom," I say, hugging her as she does the dishes, "but can I wear your warm coat?" She laughs and nods as I run off to get her large, furry and extremely warm coat. "I'll be back!" I walk outside, closing the door tightly behind me. The air is freezing! It must be at least -25C today. I couldn't believe how cold it had been this year, add on top of that the fact that we have no sunshine and it's like a freaking sundae, right? The post office is just around the corner so I quickly trudge over there.

"Hey Max," I say, walking inside.

"Hello Maria, picking up the mail are we?"

"Well, actually I'd really love some heat, but I guess the mail will suffice." Max laughed and walked into the back room, his small black ponytail lying neatly on his back. He comes back 'round with quite a large stack of mail, and one envelope off to the side.

"You guys have a lot today!"

"No kidding, what's that one?" I point to the one all by it's self.

"This, my dear, is for you!"

"I have mail?" I gape at the envelope, take all of the mail and thank Max, leaving the post office.

When I get home, I put all the letters down on the kitchen table except the one for me, which I bring in with me to the dining room. I carefully open the envelope and pull out the letter. Something falls out and lands on the table with a heavy thud. I look at it and see that's it's a medallion, a yellow one with green vines all around it.

"Weird," I mutter as I open the letter.

Dear Maria  Kartania,

"Hey, that's me!" I say aloud, realising only afterwards how stupid that sounded. Of course it's me!

        I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Pappilon Academy for the magically gifted. Please accept the small gesture in the package.
       Pappilon is one of the worlds leading schools for the gifted and you will be picked up by your guardian the night you receive this letter at midnight. Please be ready by packing a medium sized bag with your possesions.

    Regards from the teachers at Pappilon

But, I think, I never applied for anything! I mean, I took the gifted test at school, is that what this is? For smart people?

I didn't want to second guess the letter, so I went upstairs and pulled a suitcase out of the hall closet, dragging it into my room. I packed tons of clothes, a teddy bear  (yes I still have a teddy bear), my favourite soft blanket, since it's always so cold up here, and some other necessities. I looked at the clock; 9:45pm. I decided that I shouldn't just leave my parents, so I sat down at the desk in my room and started writing them a letter, saying where I was going.

By the time my clock read 12am, I was so ready to go to this new school, however weird the pick up time may be, that I was bouncing in my spinny desk chair. I'd already said "Good Night," and "I love you," to both my parents, because I doubted I'd be seeing them again soon.

"Hi Maria," I spun around and stuck up my fists. Standing by my bed was a guy, a little older than me probably, 17 or 18.

"Who are you?"

"You're guardian! Duh, I'd think that was kind of obdvious, didn't you read the letter?" The boy walked around my room, looking at various things. He pointed at my suitcase, "Is that it?"

"Uh, yeah," I grabbed a photo frame from my desk and shoved it into a bag I was also taking. The picture was of my parents and me," And this bag."

"Okay, well I'm Sam, and we've really got to get going because you're a day late,"

"Well, I'm sorry. Snail mail is like super-snail-mail when it has to come all the way up north," he laughed and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Take a deep breath."

"Wh-?" I gasped as I was thrown into a rainbow-vortexy type thingy and spun around like a yo-yo. When the spinning stopped, I collapsed onto the ground, clutching a hand over my mouth.

"I told you to take a deep breath," said Sam, extending hishand towards me.

"Yeah, thanks for that." I took his hand and he hoisted me up. When I looked around the room I was standing in, I was amazed. It looked exactly like how I'd wanted to re-do my room at home! Orange walls with an orange and brown comforter on the bed. There was even a lime green bean bag chair in the corner. I looked at the desk and saw the picture I'd taken off my desk at home sitting there. "Woah."

"Yeah, the rooms are personalized to each individual person."

"Sweet!" I walked over to the window, and there was snow falling outside. "It's snowing!"

"Oh yeah, even the windows are customized." He smiled at me and I felt really giddy, this was so cool! "Oh, I almost forgot!" He pulled a stick out of his pocket. It was a dark wood, looked like mahogany. It had a lighter shade of wood, I assumed birch, in an intricate desing of vines all over it.

"What's that?"

"Your wand," he replied. I stared at the wand. Why did I need a wand?

"Weird," I said for the second time that day. I had a feeling it was going to become one of the top 'most-used-words' in my vocabulary.

The End

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