Dawn : I Like This Hiding PlaceMature

I scowl at Henry as he walks past. I don't like him, he's too obvious about liking Kira. I change the song on my ipod and start walking towards the libary, me being nosey and wanting to find out what everyone's up to.

Suddenly I see Sookie, she looks like she's looking for something. Or someone. Shit! I quickly turn around and head back into the hall. I quickly scan the place, looking for someone I know.

I see that Liam dude with a few other cute guys. I walk quickly over to them and push myself in the middle. They are all taller then me so they can hide me. Good. Thay all look confused. I smile up at them. "Hey Liam. I'm hiding here okay?" I say, my voice low.

Liam shrugs. "Who you hiding from?" Asks one of the guys closest to me. I smile. "There's this girl who wants to talk to me but I don't wanna talk to her. And to be frank I don't think she'll like having a broken nose." I say, making them all laugh.

I turn to Liam. "So, your group wanna show me around?" I ask, making sure Sookie can't see me. "Sure. Come on." He says and turns to go. I follow with his group close behind. I look up at my side and see the guy who was talking to me before smiling at me.

"The name's Matt." He says. I smile up at him. "That's nice." Liam opens the doors and heads outside. "Do I get to know your name?" I smile at Matt. "It depends. I don't know if you can handle knowing that much about me." I wink at him.

"Dawn Blood!There you are! I've been waiting to talk to you for ages!" Sookie yells, a smile on her face. She's coming over. Crap. "Looks like you've gotta wait a while longer." I mutter. "See ya Matt." I say then run off.

The End

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