Henry: attacked.Mature

After Dawn had gone, [calling me a geek? pfft] it left me, Liam and Kira sat alone at the table. I noted that Liam was sat quite close to Kira, and it made me feel annoyed all of a sudden. I felt like standing up, and sitting myself in between them. What was wrong with me?

I stared as she picked slowly away at a blue muffin. Then I realised what I was doing and looked away quickly, before either her or Liam saw what I was doing.

"Hey Kira." I looked up to see a young man stood there, smiling at her. "We need to go to the library."  

I looked at her, as I saw a flash of panic cross her face. "Oh. Okay, Am I in trouble?" she asked worriedly. I was about to jump up and explain she had been with me since we had got here, so she couldn't have done anything yet, but he assured her she was in no trouble. 

"No. We just need to go there."  He said to her. Her face began to relax and she said goodbye and left. 

It suddenly became awkward, sat there with Liam. He wasn't normally the type of guy I hung about with. He was all looks and charm, where I was normally... well in the words of Dawn, the 'geek'. 

"So..." he said, after around five minutes. I wasn't going to sit around and make small talk with him. 

"I best go, I need to meet up with Willow." I lied. "See you around." 

He said bye as I got up and walked out of the dining room. I had no idea where I was going to go now though, as I hadn't seen Willow all day, and Kira was with that other man. Or was she? Maybe he had only needed her for a second. He had took her to the library, hadn't he said? 

I knew roughly whereabouts the library was, and decided to make my way over. I passed Dawn on the way, and saw from the logo on her jumper that she was in my house. Great! She scowled at me and walked passed.

When I reached the library, I saw hundreds of book shelves filled with all kind of books. I made a note to come her some time on my own. I looked around to see if I could see Kira, but she was no where to be seen. I was about to leave, and go back to my room, when I heard her voice. I came from one of the long wall hangings, and when I pushed it aside a saw a secret door. 

I opened it, and as I did I felt a sharp pain to my head. Putting my hand up I felt blood. Oh no. 

"Oh my God!" Kira said running over "I'm so sorry!"

She grabbed my hand away [her hands were so soft] and a worried expression filled her face when she saw my head."What the hell are you doing here?"  she said getting a tissue from her pocket to wipe the small amount of blood away. I couldn't look at the blood, as it was knocking me sick. I heard the man say something from the other side of the room, but I wasn't concentrating as I was feeling slightly dizzy. Kira said something back to him.

She began moving my hair out of my face, and dabbed out my cut. The pain slowly began to fade, and my concentration fell onto how close we were. I could smell her, we were so close, the smell of a gentle flower. I looked into her eyes, and she stepped back.  

"Are you okay?" She said to me.

"I'll live." I told her smiling. She smiled back at me, and we stood staring at the other for a few seconds.

Could I be falling for her so soon?


The End

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