Kira; Please Say That Was Supposed To HappenMature

I sat at the table with Liam and Henry, nibbling at a blueberry muffin. There seemed to be a slight atmosphere between them. I couldn't really put my finger on it.

"Hey Kira." I looked up to see Dillon, smiling he said "We need to go to the library."

"Oh. Okay, Am I in trouble?" I started to panic lightly,

"No. We just need to go there."

"Umm, okay then. " I got up, "See you later guys." leaving them with a smile I followed Dillon out of the dining hall and walked with him until we got to the library. "What are we doing here?" as I asked him he walked swiftly across the carpet and walked down one of the aisles. I followed him quickly as he entered a secret door behind one of the long wall hangings.

"What the-"

"This is the pain secret practice rooms." his voice echoed off of the magnificent white walls. The giant windows flooded in golden sunshine with there curtains draped over them.

"Whoa!" I looked up to the very high ceiling with its crystal chandelier. I finally worked out what this would have been, the dance/banqueting hall. With it light wooden floors it was suddenly obvious, with the stage on the far right opposite the door, that was were the band would of went.

"Pass me your wand please." Dillon asked holding out his hand. I took it out of my pocket. He rolled it in his hand looking at the detail. It had silver veins with leaves to give me grip as a handle, that stopped a quarter way up, showing underneath its the light oak. "It's just like you." he said smiling still caressing it in his hands.

"What do you mean, just like me?"

"Well its very subtle, you wouldn't expect it to be much but hides its true meaning. Pretty but not in your face with beauty. Sophisticated and doesn't reveal its self straight away.  The colours co-ordinate to show how you like things." I raised my eyebrows surprised at what he had said. It was all true.

"You can tell that all from a wand?!"

"You can tell a lot from a persons wand." he said chuckling at my surprised expression. "Now. What are you..." he was talking to himself now pacing in front of the windows. "Lets try some spells and see how we go. Okay hold your wand and stand a few paces away from the vase." I did what he said. "Now point at it and gently flick it." I did what he said with caution flicking my wand the vase suddenly exploded. It scared the crap out of me.

"Please say that was supposed to happen!"

"It was supposed to happen. That was very good." he assessed me "Very precise." he fixed the vase as he said this. "Okay" He stood right back to the wall, with the door to my right. "Okay stand in the middle of the room." Again I did what he said, "Now. Move your wand like you were writing a lower case A in the air then quickly flick the wand in my direction. You got that?" he called to me.

"Yes. Would will it do?"

"Don't worry about that, just do it."

I braced my self then started to draw the ‘a' in the air. The door suddenly opened and I flicked at it. It was Henry, "Ow!" he put his hand to his forehead.
"Oh my God!" I ran over him "I'm so sorry!" I took his hand away to reveal a small cut. "What the hell are you doing here?" I said getting a tissue from my pocket to wipe the small amount of blood away.

"Well your defiantly a Combat." Dillon said still standing at the wall.

"Not helping Dillon! And how do you know?"

"He'll be fine and because no one your age or level would even be able to perform that spell let alone give someone a small cut, they wouldn't be able to do it at all." moving his blonde curls out the way I dabbed his cut,

"Are you okay?" 

The End

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