Indigo: What the...Mature

I was woken by my brother playing his new drum kit, at half past eight in the morning. On Sunday. Ugh.

"JAMES!" I yelled. "SHUT IT!"

 "Kay, calm down," he said, sticking his head through my door.

"Get out my room," I muttered, slamming the door.

I got dressed and wandered downstairs, grabbing the post as I go past. Mum, mum, dad, James, dad, mum...

I stop abruptly as I get to the last letter. Me? No way. I rip it open.

Dear Indigo Ermine
 I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Pappilon Academy for the magically gifted. Please accept the small gesture in the package. 
       Pappilon is one of the worlds leading schools for the gifted and you will be picked up by your guardian the night you receive this letter at midnight. Please be ready by packing a medium sized bag with your possessions. 
    Regards from the teachers at Pappilon 


My arm slumps as I read it. Gifted? Me? I hear a clatter as a small object wrapped in cloth tumbles out of the envelope and hits the kitchen floor. I pick it up. It's a ourple medallion, with roses wreathing the edge. Pretty.

The End

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