Willow: Me..... CharmsMature

"This way" Joe says. I get to my feet having finished my breakfast. Joe pulls out a wand and flicks it at the tray the whole thing disapearing.

"Okay" I mutter. Joe takes my wrist and pull me through the libary while I'm looking down at his wand. Silver with light golden vines. Wow.

He reaches a door. He lets go of my arm shoving his hand into his pocket and pulling out a key. He puts it into the lock and turns opening the door.

He steps in me following hesitantly. I gasp. The room amazing. Book cases line the walls, then theres a table with two chairs to the side leaving a large open space. It looks like its been washed clean often.

"We'll revise here every day till school then revise after school" Joe says going over to a book case. "Close the door please"

I jump at that and spin round to push the door shut. Then I turn back to find Joe has now got a few things on the table.

"Okay, what are you good at?" He asks turning and leaning back against the table.

"Um, I enjoy writing poetry and drawing. I'm also good at Athletics, Martial Arts and Gymnastics" I say pointing each one out.

"Hmm" Joe nods. "We're gonna try Charms and Summoning"

"Charms?" I say as he turns back round and pick up two books, some chalk and a box of something. He puts them to the side on the table then returns everything else.

"Come over" He says sitting down in one of the chairs. I go over and sit next to him. He pushes the two books to me.

'Charms and Summoning' and then 'Wand Casting'

"What?" I say confused.

"This is going to be what we'll be practicing" He says opening the Charms and Summoning book. I see ingredients and how to put them together and then signs, weird symbols. "Charms are what are used in summoning or either on ther own but summoning can't be done without the charms and signs"

I scan the first page which is an index. "Love charms? Thats funny. Always thought they weren't real" I say smiling up at him. Joe smiles.

"You'll find a lot of things around here that you thought not to be real" He explains.

"What about that book?" I ask

"Oh, Wand Casting is just spells you can learn to create charms and summon with only you wand. Small levitation and Element spells" He say picking it up and flicking it open.

"Wow" I whisper looking at the various spells.

"These are the only ones you'll be able to excel in though if you chose to practice charms. Meaning other spells will be much more harder to cast"

I feel really happy and start jumping in my chair. "This is brilliant" I squeal. Joe laughs.

"This will take a lot of time to learn though but this is me judging you from your normal talents" Joe says.

I nod then turn back to the Charms and Summoning book. "Wait whats the box and chalk for?" I ask indicating it.

"Oh the white chalk is for light summoning you have to get black chalk for dark but wouldn't recomend that. And the box contain basic charm herbs, metals and ingredients" Joe says.

He turns to look at me. "You need to revise these two books as best as you can" Joe says. I nod then we begin to properly work.

The End

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