Dawn : BoredMature

I smile a little knowing Sookie won't be back for a while. I take my ipod out my pocket and out it in my ears, the music blaring so loud the people at my table can hear it.

I know it's rude and they did help me out but I'm not in the mood to make friends. They all give me strange looks to each other and start talking. My battery soon goes dead. I pull the earphones out my ears in irratation. "What the hell? I charged it uplast night!" I say really annoyed, they all look at me. I sigh.

"Thanks for earlier." I mutter and put my ipod back in my pocket. One of the girls smiles. "That's okay. Who was that girl anyway?" I shrug. "Sookie something, she says she's my..something." I shrug again. "I weren't really listening." Isay and shrug again.

I narrow my eyes. "Hey, that a necklace? Letmesee." Isay to Kira, the guy next to me looks shocked. "You can't order people around!" He says annoyed. I turn my gaze to him. "Oh I'm sorry. What are you some kind of geeeeek?" I streach out the word geek.

He goes red in the face. "You shouldn't talk to people like that. You'llend upon your own." Kira tells me. What the hell? Is this like a must-stick-to-the-rules table? I ignore her. "Why do you want to see my necklace?" She asks. I look at her."I've got one like it that's why." I say in a bored voice. Kiras eyes widen with excitment. "Cool! Lets see yours!" She says, her smile lighting upher face.I shrug and roll my eyes.

"You lot are boring me. I'm gonna go." I say and get tomy feet. "Wait."  The other guy says. I turn back. "What?" I say. He smiles at me. "Sit down, we seem to be the only chance you'll get of having friends here." He says, making me narrow my eyes and put my hands on my hips.

The End

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