When I woke up the next morning, I was itching to do something. I was in a whole new school - a new world in fact, and I wanted to explore every bit of it. 

I threw on my uniform, grabbed my wand and ran down my stairs to the common room. Kira and Liam was already there. Seeing them together made me feel jealous  for some reason, but I pushed it aside as Kira smiled at me.

"Morning." she said brightly. 

"Morning. Where's Willow?" I asked, looking round. "Is she still in bed?" 

"She just ran past about ten minutes ago." Liam told me. 

"We was going to go for some breakfast, want to come with us?" Kira asked me. I said yes, and we all left the common room. Students and teachers all passed us as we walked to the dining hall, and I soon bumped into Delilah. 

"Hey can I have a minute, Henry?" she asked me.

"Yeah sure." I turned round to my new friends. "You guys go ahead, I'll catch you up later." 

They waved and carried on outside.

"Henry, I know that you now know school doesn't start for a few days, but I want you to come to my room tomorrow morning for a little bit of training. Just to ease you into the kind of things you'll be studying. Is that okay?" 

"Yeah sure, what time? And I don't know where your room is." I replied.

"Well meet me here at around half eleven. And don't worry, your not the only one. A few students are going to be seeing there guardians today or tomorrow. You can go now. Explore. Have fun." she smiled at me, and walked off down the corridor. 

I waved after her, and walked into the dining hall. I saw Kira and Liam sat in one of the far tables and ran over. 

"What did she want?" Kira asked me. 

"I've got to go and meet her tomorrow, for some training. Something about 'easing my self into the type of things we'll be studying'." 

"I never got that, when I started." Liam said frowning.

"I might go see my guardian, to see if I have to." Kira said. "Reckon that's where Willow was going to this morning?" 

Before any one could answer, a girl sat down next to me. She looked really angry.

 "I'm Dawn. Listen, pretend you know me." she hisses at us.

I was started to get annoyed. Who did this girl think she was?

"Why should we?" I asked her. She scowled at me and said. "Do it and I won't break anything!"

Just then another girl walked over. 

"Dawn, I'm only trying to help you so you won't be alone." she said to her. I could tell why Dawn was getting angry, as this girl had a really irritating voice. 

"I'm clearly not alone though. These are my friends, you can go away now!" Dawn snapped at her. I felt pretty sorry for the girl, as her face just dropped. Luckily Kira chipped in. I was beginning to like Kira more and more. 

"Hi, I'm Kira. We met Dawn last night, so she's okay with us."

"Yeah we'll show her around, if she needs any help." Liam chipped in. I knew I should say something, but I thought why should I? This girl was rude, and there was no way I was helping her out. 

The other girl seemed convinced though, as she smiled.

"Well, if your sure. See you later Dawn." and with that she walked over. 

"Yeah right." I heard Dawn mumble next to me.

The End

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