Dawn: First Day And Not In UniformMature

"All your er things are here. This is Pappillion, a school.." Sookie can see how angery I'm getting.  My fist goes flying forward and she's suddenly gone. I growl.

This is so not cool! I storm off to what looks like my room at home. On the bed there is a uniform, mostly black with bits of red. I pick up the skirt and shake my head. Great, skirts. I'm not a girly girl, I prefer trousers.

A bell goes but I ignore it. There's a small box on the black side table by my bed. I open in and my eyes widen. No way. Inside is this wand, it can't be a wand though. Or can it? I pick it up and point to my mirror, instently it smashes into tiny little pieces. Wow!


I'm tired and I am in no mood to go wandering around tonight, tomorrow I will. I push all the stuff of my bed and quickly fall asleep under the soft, black, covers.


My vision is blurred but I know it's morning. I get out of bed and yawn. I look around and see the room I fell asleep in last night. God, I thought it was just a dream. I can hear others getting up. I shake my head, grab my bag and run into the bathroom.

It's like a bloody five star hotel, everything is beautiful and expesive looking. I get changed into my black skinny jeans and blood red top with a black skull on it. I quickly put a brush through my hair and walk out.

I hold my necklace as I walk out my room confidently. In my pocket is the wand I found before I went to sleep. I keep walking, some students in their uniforms are giving me strange looks but I scowl at them and they quickly look away. I start to follow two guys in front of me, maybe this isn't so bad after all.

They go into this big hall. It must be for eating. Ishrug, realising that I'mstarving. I head for a empty table when Sookie steps in front of me. "Hey Dawn. They said you'll be tough but I didn't really expect your reaction. You must of been a bit grumpy last night so I'll show you around today." She says smiling. I push past her, pretending that I know someone sitting on a table.

I quickly sit down ignoring the raised eyebrows of the people on the table. They look  new here too. I can tell Sookie is coming over. "I'm Dawn. Listen, pretend you know me." I hiss at them. "Why should we?" A guy asks. I scowl at him. "Do it and I won't break anything!" I threaten him, knowing that my threats are carried out if things go wrong.

The End

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